Why I Watch The Office

Monday31 October 200512 Comments

Given that this is my favorite show on television at the moment, and likely to be one of my favorite ever at the rate that it’s developing, a post of this magnitude was inevitable. The Office is right in so many ways, and that’s reflected in the length of this entry. Think of this as a very long-winded thank you letter.

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Wednesday19 October 20053 Comments

Let Michael Scott guide you in the ways of feeble and ineffective management. Also, Dwight makes a special appearance as the scourge of a land far, far away, and Jim and Pam join forces to have him shipped out even further. Kevin reveals his alter-ego, Oscar lets his hair down, and a catfight almost erupts in the conference room.

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Shows like The Office compel me to do certain things. Things like wondering about them obsessively, compulsively checking message boards, rewatching episodes over and over again in an attempt to glean every possible bit of information from them… you know, little things like that.

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