Pick a character and develop a scenario for how they might have turned out in an alternate universe. You have all sorts of freedom here, folks, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination wander. Your character doesn’t even have to live in the same era, for instance. Here’s an example:

Dwight Schrute, Neanderthal, 100,000 BC
While his contemporaries were fending off saber-toothed tigers, Dwight was busy laying the foundations for social outcasts and ineffective middle-tier management. His poor physical conditioning and a general lack of street cred among the cave-folk excluded him from the epic man-versus-beast struggles that characterized the times, leading him to pursue less demanding activities such as gardening and cold-climate beet farming.

You all have until approximately July 4 at 12:15 AM PDT to submit your entry (be sure to follow the contest rules). Break a leg, guys.

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The Office: Season Two DVDs are now available for pre-order at the Universal Studios Home Video and DVD Store. The boxed set is scheduled to ship on September 12, 2006 and includes a boatload of extra features including some behind-the-scenes footage with Jenna Fischer at the helm. I know what you’re thinking: it sounds pretty awesome to me, too.

Amazon is accepting pre-orders on the boxed set as well.

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Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines: the iPod Giveaway starts today. Refresh yourselves on the contest details, and then check back at Northern Attack or OfficeTally for the first tagged post sometime this week.

I’m stoked. Jennie and I have some very exciting stuff planned for you guys over the next few months. Well, Jennie does, at least. I promise that my posts will at least be half as exciting as hers.

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Some Kind of Awesome

Saturday17 June 200627 Comments

I finally had a chance to catch up on the numerous Office-related happenings over this past week, and this particular bit from John’s recent online chat (thanks for transcribing, tanster) caught my eye.

GMMR : John, I read that you heard about our petition to Supersize the Office. Can you talk about the fan impact on the show?
John : GMMR. the fan impact on the show has been MONUMENTAL. It’s the whole reason why we are where we are, so first of all, thank you guys SO much. That was INCREDIBLE, and we all cheered on set the day we found out about it. As far as the impact, they say things are cliche because they are true, and it is true that everybody can make a difference. NBC definitely did it because of YOU guys.

The thought of everyone cheering on set because of something we did is really something. Wow, do I feel proud. So very proud. I’ll remember this one for a while.

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The iPod Giveaway!

Monday5 June 200644 Comments

Got all the Office episodes downloaded from the iTunes Store, with nothing to play them on? How ’bout a shiny new 30GB video iPod?


And you don’t even have to work all that hard to win it, especially if you’re already a regular OfficeTally and Northern Attack poster.

In fact, it’s dinkin’ flicka easy.

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