Thursday22 February 200788 Comments

It’s a night full of drama as the company’s elite converge for a shindig with the CFO and the rest of the branch flock to Poor Richard’s for what quickly becomes a not-so-happy hour. Dwight makes known his devotion to structural integrity while Michael makes known his devotion to Jan with almost no integrity at all. Pam learns that honesty has its price, and that price is now on Jim’s head.

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Business School

Thursday15 February 200757 Comments

It’s back to school for Michael when he accepts an invitation to speak to Ryan’s class, and what was meant to be an honor soon turns into an attack on all that Michael holds sacred: paper and Dunder Mifflin. In his absence, a wayward bat has run of the office and Dwight has reason to suspect Jim of undertaking a very spooky supernatural journey. Pam’s first art show puts her through a little transformation of her own.

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Phyllis’ Wedding

Thursday8 February 200763 Comments

Mr. and Mrs. Vance Refrigeration tie the knot at last, in a ceremony with more than an eerie resemblance to the one Pam abandoned just months before. Dwight polices for wedding crashers and preys on Uncle Al’s dementia, Scrantonicity finally gets to rock the house and Michael goes to excessive lengths to ensure his second appearance at a wedding is met with just as much success as his first. Hypothetically, love should conquer all, except when it doesn’t, and walks out the door hand-in-hand with the past.

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Ben Franklin

Thursday1 February 200758 Comments

The countdown for Phyllis’ wedding is on and the traditional celebrations take an unceremonious turn under the influence of one Todd Packer. Pam’s only success of the day is capturing the wandering eye of Benjamin Franklin, unless you count giving Karen plenty of lines to read between, and a last minute change of heart puts Michael in the very slim ranks of men to have their relationship saved by a stripper. Secret secrets, anyone?

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