Product Recall

Thursday26 April 200736 Comments
  • Season 3 : Episode 20
  • First aired on April 26, 2007
  • Written by Justin Spitzer and Brent Forrester / Directed by Randall Einhorn
  • Recap by Jamie Harris
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It’s Meet The Press, Scranton style, when an anatomically-correct watermark leaks past quality control and brings Dunder Mifflin under not-so-public fire. Michael scrambles to save from being the escape goat while Creed, the real escape goat, launches his own damaging brand of damage control. Angela’s policy is not apology; Andy’s is to card all future girlfriends, especially those with close ties to the frozen yogurt industry.

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Safety Training

Thursday12 April 200733 Comments

There are basically two perils facing the workers of Dunder Mifflin: getting caught bare-sleeved in the occasional draft, and Michael Scott. Determined to prove to the warehouse that hazards of the cubicle are no laughing matter, Michael enlists the help of Dwight and a towering turret of air for a mock suicide attempt. However, poor planning and even poorer execution make the rooftop threat a little too real and the rest of the office has to bet against the odds that his life is worth talking him down.

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The Negotiation

Thursday5 April 200737 Comments

It’s Pam’s nightmare but Angela’s dream come true– Roy comes locked and loaded for Jim, but thanks to Dwight, the fastest draw in the office, the only thing fired is Roy. Darryl in turn tries to climb the ladder only to bump into Michael on the next rung. However, some fancy coaching and a road trip with Toby soon has Mike wearing the (lady) pants in the relationship, though only long enough to get a long overdue raise out of Jan.

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