Those wild and crazy folks in the forums have taken it upon themselves to launch their own summer writing competition. Check out the contest details if you’re interested. Let’s hear it for the industrious organizers: garbagethrower and 2′CtoC, as well as Loaded Teapot and KarenM for contributing to the prize haul. Upstanding citizens, the lot of them.

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The Job

Thursday17 May 2007192 Comments

The latest season draws to a close with the prospects of new jobs all around, promising increased pay and power for some and enhanced, um, attributes for others. It’s the latter for Jan, and just as well, since an ill-timed emotional collapse quickly ensures the loss of the former for both her and her newly-reunited ex-lover-ish. Meanwhile, the rest of the office copes with their new boss and the abolishment of all soft-minded dogoodedness. Jim gets enough of New York to realize that home is where the heart spends her day goofing around with Dwight, Ryan comes out of nowhere with one heck of a last word, and Creed’s blogging it all.

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Beach Games

Thursday10 May 200769 Comments

There are three things Michael does not need more of in his life: power, responsibility, and employees under his power and responsibility. But a fateful call from corporate affords him the possibility of all three, and a day on the shores of scenic Lake Scranton becomes the setting for the ultimate challenge: selecting the worthiest hypothetical successor. Courage may make a good manager, but it can do a whole heck of a lot for receptionists too.

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  • Season 3 : Episode 21
  • First aired on May 3, 2007
  • Written by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg / Directed by Tucker Gates
  • Recap by James Fan
  • Discuss this episode at The Watercooler, and remember to submit your vote at OfficeTally.

Sorry, folks, no recap from Jamie this week. You’ll have to settle for my miniature recap below. Visual aids are included, as always.

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