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Saturday1 March 200812 Comments

First, a couple shout-outs to Marc at The Office Quotes, and Tom and Chris at Unofficial Office Scripts and Reviews. Marc revamped his site recently, and Tom and Chris have been releasing new scripts at a regular clip. Be sure to check them out when you have the chance.

It’s become increasingly clear that I no longer have the time and resources to update Northern Attack. I will continue to maintain the forums (and episode threads), which continue to enjoy healthy traffic thanks to a wonderful and active community, but the rest of Northern Attack (recaps, news updates, etc.) will go on indefinite hiatus. It’s been a great run, and I appreciate the support you all have given me over the past few years.

And that brings us to the future: things may be winding down here, but I’m not ready to duck out quite yet. I’ve had something in the works for a while now: something big, something ambitious, and something I eventually realized was completely out of my league. So, I’ve spent the past several months refining the idea and breaking it down into more manageable pieces. Think of it as a community for fans of television, a place where people can gather to discuss their favorite shows and get to know each other without dealing with the inconveniences presented by online communities today. I want people to feel invested in their contributions. It may not sound that different from the discussion forums you’re used to seeing today, but I’m hoping with the proper execution and polish I can create something people can get excited about.

Here’s where you folks come into play: I’m looking for input on how to go about this task. What have you liked about the forums at Northern Attack? What have you disliked? How about forums elsewhere? What features would you like to see in your forum software? Please let me know if there’s anything at all you can think of, either here, or in the forums, or by e-mailing me. With my schedule clearing up over the next couple months, I may have an opportunity to finally put this plan into motion.

Think of this less as the end of Northern Attack and more like the beginning of something better. Thanks, everyone.

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