• Season 2 : Episode 15
  • First aired on February 2, 2006
  • Written by B.J. Novak / Directed by Dennie Gordon
  • Recap by James Fan
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Gender lines are drawn in the office when Jan decides to gather the women in the conference room for a Women in the Workplace seminar. Eager to make a power play of his own, Michael leads the men of the office down to the warehouse, where he comes in contact with heavy machinery and practically everything else down there. The day turns out to be a complete bust for both camps with the exception of Pam who discovers that there is life beyond the reception desk, but only for those willing to take the plunge.

The Michael Scott School of Hard Knocks

Michael manages to desecrate the English language further and further each week. Fortunately, he has, oh, about a million more words or so to go before he exhausts himself of options.

Michael : What is more important than quality? Equality. Now, studies show that today’s woman, the Ally McBeal woman, as I call her, is at a crossroads.
Jan : Michael–
Michael : And–no, just, I–you have come a long way, baby. But I just… just wanna keep it within reason.

Clearly, there is a higher power looking after Michael. It’s the only reason I can think of that explains why he’s still alive.

Dwight Being Dwight

Dwight is the King of Crackpot Theorists. Between Michael and him, this office has all the misinformation it can handle. Actually, no, that’s not true. Because of Michael and Dwight, this office is impervious to misinformation.

Dwight : That’s a terrible idea.
Jim : What is?
Dwight : Them in there all together. They stay in there too long, they’re gonna get on the same cycle. Wreak havoc on our plumbing.

How can one man be so incredibly weird? It doesn’t seem humanly possible.

The Many Faces of Jim

Several viewers picked up on the emerging friendship between Jim and Ryan this week. It makes sense that after hitting a sort of wall with Pam, he would seek out other ways to get through the day. Now, don’t get me wrong; the original duo is still alive and well, but I think Jim realizes that he’s going to need something else in order to survive at this job now that his dreams of eventually landing Pam have been dispelled for the most part.

Dwight : Michael wants us to bond, so we need topics for conversation.
Jim : Ponies.
Dwight : No.
Ryan : How about rainbows?
Dwight : No.
Jim : Flowers.
Dwight : No.
Ryan : Make-up.

Ponies, rainbows, flowers, and make-up. That sounds girly even by girly standards. Even Phyllis would agree.

Confessions of a Receptionist

Comedy is a wonderful thing, but it’s not why I write these recaps. I write them because of scenes like this:

Pam : Dreams are just that. They’re dreams. They help get you through the day. Like the thing about the terrace. It’s nice. But, um… I don’t know. It was just something I read in this book when I was twelve. Uh, the girl in the book has a terrace outside of her bedroom. And she planted flowers on it. And I just loved that. Just always kind of stuck with me.

Strip away the story of the girl and her terrace and you have what amounts to a very hopeless statement. Whenever I watch this show, it’s a constant battle betwen the rational part of me that realizes that it’s all fiction and the emotional part of me that would rather be caught up in the moment.

Pam : It’s impractical. I’m not gonna… try to get a house like that. Um, they don’t even make houses like that in Scranton. So I’m never gonna…  [Breaks down]

You will always have your cynics, but I shudder to imagine what sort of person could make it through a scene like this without feeling at least a hint of sorrow.

The Jim/Pam Index

It looks like the fallout from The Secret is starting to clear. Last week’s Jim was still struggling with the reality of the situation, but the Jim we saw tonight seemed more at ease with the impending ceremony. I wouldn’t say that it’s left his thought process completely; far from it, actually, but I do think that he’s finally starting to see Pam as a friend and not as an object of pursuit. Just as perfect dramatic timing would dictate, though, the moment Jim begins to accept this ends up being the moment Pam starts to come around.

Pam : I don’t know how I fit in with these women. Here. Or with Jan. Um, I mean we get along great. Fine. Um… I guess the person I have the most in common with is…

Course, it’s not all luck. Recent events have almost certainly contributed to Pam’s developing realization that she may be one leap of faith away from a much happier life. Still, I think we’ll all look back one day and be glad that this Women in the Workplace seminar took place when it did. As fruitless as it may have been in its original intent, it may also have been just the thing she needed to spur herself into action. More on this later.

Roy : Jim. Halpert. Hey, uh… I, uh, you know, heard there’s a rumor going around about, you know, you used to have a crush on Pam, and…
Jim : Oh, no, no, no.
Roy : No, no, no, it’s cool ’cause I know you’re a good guy, and I know that that crush ended a long time ago, so, you know. We’re cool, right?
Jim : Yeah. No, yeah, definitely.
Roy : You know, I’m–it’s great with me, ’cause that way… I’m glad she has a friend at work she can get through the day with.
Jim : Oh…
Roy : That way she’s not all, “Bah, bah, bah, bah,” you know, when she gets home.
Jim : Yeah, I like talking to her, too.
Roy : So, uh… we’re cool, right?
Jim : Yes. Yeah. All right. Yep.
Roy : All right.
Jim : Cool, man.
Roy : Sweet.

Roy presents an easy target, especially when placed beside Jim. I think that it’s important to maintain a fair perspective here, though. As callous and intimidating as he may appear to be, I see him as a more reasonable man than many people give him credit for. Even if Jim manages to win over Pam, I can’t see Roy ever resorting to violence as a means of retaliation. He may put up a threatening front, but he doesn’t strike me as a person willing to follow through on it without a good reason. Besides, it has always been my belief that if Jim and Pam end up together, it will ultimately be because Pam made the call, not because Jim stole her away. I suspect a break-up under these terms would wound him as deeply as it would her, but in a manner that would incite retreat rather than hostility.

Pam : Hey.
Jim : Hey!
Pam : How’s it going down there?
Jim : It’s a complete d–well, actually, it’s exactly what you’d expect, so…
Pam : Right.
Jim : How are the girls?
Pam : Good. We watched a video about our changing bodies.
Jim : Did you really?
Pam : No.  [Laughs]
Jim : Oh, good.
Pam : Almost. Um, but, hey, um… something kind of cool. There’s this internship in graphic design that Jan was telling us about. She made it sound, like, really great.
Jim : Nice. Well, what’s it all about?
Pam : Um…
Jim : I think you should do it.  [Laughs]  That’s great.
Pam : It’s really cool.

I found this exchange notable for several reasons, the most prominent one being that Jim appears to have settled into non-crush mode. For the first time, I saw him looking out for her not as a love interest but as a friend, and he seemed completely sincere in doing so. Now, he’s always had her best interests at heart when he’s acted, but to see him do it when he knows that he can’t have her is a different matter entirely.

Jim : So you’re not doing it?
Pam : How did you know?
Jim : Why not?
Pam : Just, like, no big reason. Just a bunch of little reasons.
Jim : Come on.
Pam : Roy’s right. There’s no guarantee it’s gonna lead to anything anyway.
Jim : Roy said that?
Pam : What? You have something you wanna say?
Jim : You gotta take a chance on something sometime, Pam. I mean, do you wanna be a receptionist here, always?
Pam : Oh, excuse me! I’m fine with my choices.
Jim : You are?
Pam : Yeah.

Confrontation is not something we’re used to seeing between these two, and so when things escalate in the breakroom, we know that we’re heading into uncharted territory. Although I agree with viewers who insist that Pam has a long way to go before she’s ready to take a chance with her life, I also don’t believe that she’s ever had a better reason for questioning the sense of her engagement to Roy.

Regarding the JPI, I’ve decided that this show is hopeful by nature. True, the office literally saps the life out of anyone unfortunate enough to be employed there, and Michael and Dwight go to extraordinary lengths to maintain the soul-crushing atmosphere of it all, but Jim and Pam almost always emerge at the end of the day in relatively high spirits. The only time we’ll ever see a Down here is if one of them makes a mistake. Before, these two were so hesitant to challenge one other that it hardly ever happened, but now, I feel like there’s enough out in the open for them to start shaking things up. I predict a bumpy ride over the next few weeks leading up to June.

That being the case, I also believe that some progress was made with tonight’s episode. Even without speculating too far into the future, I think that Jim made the right call by putting some heat on Pam. Although their relationship may have suffered momentarily for it, I consider it inconsequential in comparison to an upside that is evident even by the end of the episode. One need only examine the final shot of Pam looking at Jim to know what I’m referring to. There is something in her eyes, and it’s not anger, or indignation, or even merely respectful acknowledgment. Jim may have been speaking as a concerned friend, but those eyes indicate to me that she took it as something more.

Boys and Girls rates an Up on the JP Index.

Supporting Nod

Michael and Darryl play off of each other so well. This is brilliant casting.

Michael : This is Darryl, one of our warehouse staff. Darryl, what is your biggest fear?
Darryl : My biggest fear is that someone will distract us from getting all the shipments out on time.

First of all, who leads off with “what is your biggest fear” as an opener? Still, Darryl takes it in stride and fires back a grimly serious response.

The Superstar

Pam, who does her best to hide everything in front of the camera, but chooses to let it all go tonight and, in the process, cuts right to the heart in all of us.

Transmissions from the Office

  • Pam : Today’s a Women in the Workplace thing. Jan’s coming in from corporate to talk to all the women about, um… I don’t really know what, but Michael’s not allowed in. She said that about five times.

    Michael and a room of women: sounds like a recipe for tears, and not from the women.

  • Michael : Everyone, guys. Circle up, please. Come on over. Bring your chairs. Toby, come on over. You’re a guy… too. Sort of.

    Toby will have his revenge one day, just you wait.

  • Jan : I don’t know what you’re doing here, Michael, but–
    Michael : Just having a little guys in the workplace thing. Why can’t boys play with dolls? Why does society force us to use urinals when sitting down is far more comfortable?

    It’s perfectly acceptable for boys to play with dolls as long as those dolls are equipped with guns and knives and have names like Duke and Sergeant Slaughter.

  • Michael : These guys are down there. They are real men doing real man’s work. We are going to learn how a warehouse works. Oh, I think this is gonna work out great because managing the warehouse is a very important part of my job, and I haven’t been there in months.

    Not that important, apparently.

  • Dwight : Remember on Lost, when they met the Others?

    Dwight may be a weird dude, but I can’t knock his taste in television.

  • Michael : There’s Roy, ridin’ the big rig! Um, so Roy is actually going to be marrying Pam sometime this summer. And, uh, she’s our receptionist. Sort of a Brangelina thing.
    Roy : Why?
    Michael : Brangelina is the Brad Pitt and Angelina.
    Roy : I don’t understand.
    Michael : Roy… Roy and Pam. It’s a Ram. It’s a Ram thing.

    Least appealing celebrity couple nickname ever.

  • Kevin : I bet Roy heard about you liking Pam. I bet he’ll try to beat you up.
    Jim : Thanks for the heads up, Kev.
    Kevin : I got your back if he does.  [Pauses]  But try to stay out of it.

    That’s a heavyweight matchup if I ever saw one.

  • Michael : Now, you may look around and see two groups here. White-collar, blue-collar, but I don’t see it that way, and you know why not? Because I am collar-blind.

    It must be awesome writing for Michael because no matter how bad it is, it’s bound to come out as gold.

  • Meredith : Hi, I’m Meredith, and I’m an al–good at supplier relations.

    Old habits die hard.

  • Jan : Phyllis?
    Phyllis : Um, I’m good at computer stuff. E-mails, um, spreadsheets, all that.
    Angela : Really?
    Phyllis : I don’t know. I thought that…
    Jan : No, okay, stop.
    Angela : You know, I’ve seen some of your spreadsheets, and I almost always–
    Phyllis : Really? I thought they were pretty–

    Phyllis is a time bomb waiting to go off. Not even the holy hand of God will be enough to protect Angela from her wrath.

  • Jan : Well, I’ll be honest. One of the goals of these women’s seminars is to feel out if there’s any standouts. Women who could be a valuable addition to our corporate life. [Pauses]

    And that was the first and last Women in the Workplace seminar held at the Scranton branch.

  • Michael : Let’s start with the warehouse. What bothers you as guys? You know?
    Darryl : My priority is safety.
    Michael : Ok.
    Darryl : So it really bothers me when somebody comes in here speeding around on a lift, playing with it like a toy. It kind of gets under my skin, ok?
    Michael : Yeah, yeah, yeah. Shh, shh.

    I’m surprised we made it through this episode without any fatalities or lost limbs. Michael with a forklift should be treated as a sign of the apocalypse.

  • Roy : Pam shushes me. It drives me crazy.
    Michael : I hate shushing, you know? That’s the thing. What b–ok, what is our… beef as… human men.
    Lonny : You know, that’s a good question, Hasselhoff.

    Human men, as opposed to what other type of men?

  • Angela : I’m not gaining anything from this seminar. I’m a professional woman. The head of accounting. I’m in the healthiest relationship of my life. I just think it’s insulting that Jan thinks we need this. And apparently, judging from her outfit, Jan aspires to be a whore.

    Everyone’s a whore to Angela.

  • Roy : I hate it when girls insist on taking them out to new restaurants every weekend night, and then they’re like, “When are we gonna go on a date date?”
    Darryl : Oh, I hate that, too, man.
    Michael : Exactly!
    Kevin : That sucks so hard.
    Michael : It totally sucks!
    Dwight : And then they make you drive ‘em to church the next morning. Like, gas ain’t free!

    Now there’s something that probably should have been kept inside.

  • Dwight : Word.

    I have nothing to add here.

  • Michael : Part of my job is knowing how to talk to women.
    [Cut to conference room scene]
    Michael : Let’s… be… rational… here. What are the pros, what are the cons?
    Jan : The cons are that everyone will lose their job, Michael. Everyone. Office, warehouse. What do you think the… pros… are… here?
    Michael : Don’t talk to me that way, please.

    Talking to women like they don’t understand English is less effective than it sounds.

  • Ryan : You know what? We could get this done a lot quicker if we formed a type of assembly line.
    Stanley : This here is a run-out-the-clock situation. Just like upstairs.

    Business school doesn’t teach you everything.

  • Jan : Sports metaphors are one of the ways women feel left out of the language of the office. Now, I know this might sound silly, but many women ask to go over it. So, fumble means…
    Phyllis : Mistake.
    Meredith : Slip.
    Jan : Right. Par for the course is a golf term. It means right on track. Uh, below par means worse. Wait, that should mean better. That doesn’t make sense.
    Kelly : What about second base? Like, if Michael said he got to second base with you? Does that mean you, like, closed a deal?
    Jan : Excuse me?
    Kelly : I mean, that’s a baseball term, right?
    Jan : I don’t know what… Michael was… talking about, I don’t know.
    Kelly : [Turns to the camera and winks]

    Such a troublemaker, that Kelly. Thumbs up for delivering that perfect wink.

  • Michael : Pizza. Great equalizer. Rich people love pizza. Poor people love pizza. White people love pizza. Black people love pizza.  [Pauses]  Do black people like pizza?

    There’s no hope. None at all.

  • Michael : Thank you to our hosts.
    Darryl : Hey, Michael! This ain’t over.

    Cue ominous music.

Odds and Ends

  • Toby’s got a knack for getting himself out of useless office functions (see deleted scenes from Booze Cruise)
  • Pam is really, really good at drawing. It seems ridiculous that she’s stuck behind a desk.
  • Every healthy relationship has its share of awkward doorknob encounters.
  • Like everything else that comes out of Darryl’s mouth, I’m going to take that final threat seriously. I sense an opportunity for continuity.

The Story in Pictures

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I'm beyond excited for this episode. I've heard theres some major JAM tension tonight. EEEEEEEEE. Thursdays are the best!

1Posted by MOOGAH on February 2, 2006

I hope someone got that promo they just aired.

2Posted by Graham on February 2, 2006

promo just aired on TV, looks like Jim might just open up tonight and let Pam know the secret...It'll be interesting to watch.

3Posted by Joe on February 2, 2006

damn, someone was vacuuming during the climax of that Pam internship thing, so I don't know WHAT Jim said.

But Michael's flat out destruction of the Warehouse was AMAZING!!!!

4Posted by Joe on February 2, 2006

Well, James, you wanted an episode where the JPI was absolutely down, and you got it.


  • It seems the Dwangela thing is much further along than previously thought.
  • I see some more Jan storylines to come.

    Anyway, more upon rewatching.

5Posted by Graham on February 2, 2006

Two things:

Roy + Pam = RAM


And of course, Angela with the somewhat unexpected

"Judging from her outfit, Jan aspires to be a whore"

6Posted by Pat D. on February 2, 2006

brilliant episode of the office, per usual.

loved Dwights comment about having to take Angela to church on sundays -- "gas isn't free!"

and Kelly's question about "second base" was good stuff too.

7Posted by Patrick on February 2, 2006

The promos for the show somewhat misled the actual events of the episode (like most promos), but the emotion was still there. I think it is obvious that there was more behind Pam's crying than aspirations to be a graphic designer.

Stanley, as usual, has the laugh-out-loud line of the episode... "this is a run out the clock situation."

I wouldn't go so far to say that the JPI is down. With Pam realizing who she really wants to be with, while Jim is simultaneously establishing himself as the better guy, I would propose, despite the negative emotion, that it went up. But I predict an even is the safest bet.

Another small thing was that Ryan and Jim seem to be getting along as friends (i.e. egging on Dwight about 'guy talk'). Given that the episode was written by Novak, this makes sense.

8Posted by Kalon on February 2, 2006

you have got feel sorry for jim. all he tries to do is encourage pam. but more than jim, feel sorry for pam. there is a great, encouraging guy sitting right in front of her and a little to the left and she just doesnt see him. these writers do a fabulous job every week.

and i love it when kevin is sweating bullets when jim and roy are talking lol!

9Posted by matt from montana on February 2, 2006

you have to love the "yah, man, button up your shirt" by one of the warehouse guys! priceless.

I also liked kelly's little wink at the camera. And oh, is this phyllis' first talking head?

On to Pam and Jim, kudos to Jim for speaking his mind! He's not affraid to get after Pam for settling as a receptionist and I think in the long run Pam will begin to appreciate that.

10Posted by Jessica on February 2, 2006

Tonight's episode was pretty good, thanks to BJ for the script. Someone said that the JPI was down after this episode but I dare to say that it went up. Pam knows in her heart that shes lying to herself and when shes comes to realize this it will only make her feelings that much stronger for Jim. By the way this is my first post here and I have to say that this is the best Office fan site I've seen so far, thanks for all the great features.

11Posted by Derek on February 2, 2006

First things first: Darryl was a quote factory tonight. Talk about awesome.

As for this week's JPI, I'm going to reserve judgment until I'm able to make a second (third, and probably fourth) pass at it. In particular, I'd like to take another look at that abrupt final shot with Pam at her desk.

I agree, Jessica, that wink was great. Sneaky, sneaky Kelly.

And welcome, Derek. I figure what better way to cope with my obsession than by hanging out with fellow lost causes.

12Posted by James on February 2, 2006

I love that Jim and Ryan had interaction in this episode - glancing at each other when Michael's being an idiot, and both putting in their two cents on what the topic of discussion among the guys should be (ponies and rainbows... ahhh, I love them).

13Posted by Katie on February 2, 2006

I just love that Jim challenged Pam. I also like how he can just barely mask his contempt for Roy. Big things are brewing.

Northern Attack is fantastic!

14Posted by Stacie on February 2, 2006

Thanks for the welcome. I've tried to convince some of my friends to watch the show and my luck hasn't been too great, so it's nice to see so many other people that have good taste too.

15Posted by Derek on February 3, 2006

"Then she doesn't come and blah blah blah."
"Yeah, I like talking to her, too."

16Posted by Jason G. on February 3, 2006

This was my favorite episode so far. (This may have been influenced by the fact that I had a dream John Krasinski secretly loved me even though I'm engaged last night. Now you know I'm a freak.)

My vote is 100% for UP on the JPI. Finally, Jim tells her "You have to take a chance on something sometime." She had to hear it, it had to sink in, and it did. She broke my heart with that half-second contortion of trying not to cry before she covered her face. Does she really want to live life with no Jim AND no terrace? It's too much.

After this episode, I really have to say they can't possibly have RAM get married. I don't think the show is cynical enough to put her through that.

Two comments: the cut to Michael's forklift of doom just after Pam's breakdown was a great cut. And the cut to Michael's face: "Ah, so black people do like pizza..." was priceless.

17Posted by Elly on February 3, 2006

Another great episode. I think the J/P index went up but not in the traditional way. I watched it a few times already, and when Pam says "Excuse me, I'm happy with the choices I've made" and Jim responds with "You are?". Wow, that was crazy powerful. It was a more ballsy Jim Halpert that we've seen to date.

I also loved when she first told him about the internship, and he didn't even give her a second to explain about it, he immediately said she should do it.

18Posted by KS on February 3, 2006

About the JPI...

I know we all want to be as optimistic as possible (me included), and I know events in this episode are setting up events later that will most certainly send the JPI skyrocketing, but just considering the situation at the exact end of the episode (and I'm pretty sure that's what must be done, instead of including parts of hypothetical future episodes), it's gonna be a negative.

But hey, I might be wrong. Just my thoughts.

19Posted by Graham on February 3, 2006

I LOVED the breakroom scene with J/P...
I would say a plus for Jim...he was too nice to say something mean about Roy on the Booze Cruise, but this time, he spoke up.

probably my fave part though, is Darryl's speech on what's important, safety and not getting shushed. nice

On an unrelated note, check out the montage under "Boys and Girls" on Pam's myspace page by one of her friends/fans...it's very good. if anyone knows what song that is, I'd love to know.

20Posted by Sarah on February 3, 2006

The thing I love best about this show is that it's so great to watch the first time around, and even so every episode is always better the second time through.

My take on Pam's final look at Jim is that having just transferred a call, she's acknowledging to herself what Jim said about always being a receptionist - and that transferring calls is much of what that life would be like. The look shows that what he said is already hitting home.

21Posted by Sandy on February 3, 2006

I was wondering if perhaps in the last scene Pam was transferring Brenda to to Jim.

Also can someone explain the "lost" reference to me. I know its a show on ABC but I don't watch it.

As always another great episode

22Posted by Arthur on February 3, 2006

Sarah, that song is "Middle of Nowhere" by Hot Hot Heat.

23Posted by Graham on February 3, 2006

Hi everyone! I LOVE this site and made sure to send the link to all my Office-watching friends!

I am very interested to see what James does with the JPI. I think that ultimately, it is a step in the right direction for Jim and Pam, but it is a tough call for the individual episode. I really think it set wheels in motion. I am really curious to see how this will affect the Valentine's Day episode.

James, I hope you don't mind me making a suggestion, but I would love to see a screen shot of Michael hiding when Jan tells the warehouse employees to refer to him for more information on unions.

Stan's line about running out the clock, just like upstairs, was priceless. :)

24Posted by Teala on February 3, 2006

Just another fantastic episode. Every new one has me conflicted between which was the funniest scene/line and who was the best character of that particular episode. I think that they're all a fantastic team and that the show is successful based by the sum of its parts.

25Posted by Kristi on February 3, 2006

The Lost reference...spoilers (sort of)...

Lost is about a plane crash on an island in the middle of nowhere, and the plane was off course, so no one can find them. While it appears that the island is uninhabited, eventually some mysterious, sneaky "Others" appear. The survivors know nothing about the "Others" except that they kidnapped some survivors and killed others in retaliation when the survivors tried to stop them.

I also enjoyed Kevin's whole "I got your back...but try to stay away from him".

26Posted by Joe on February 3, 2006

Maybe I'm just too dumb to figure out myspace, but how do you get to the montage on Pam's page? Could someone explain to me?

27Posted by Elly on February 3, 2006

Long time reader, first time poster. I have to admit that the scene where Pam started crying just broke me. The wink from Kelly was irresistable. And everyone needs to realize that its easy to play the "nice guy" when a girl you want/cant have, has such an @$$ for a boyfriend. If Jim/Pam ever start dating, things may change...

28Posted by George on February 3, 2006

While I agree that Pam should follow her passion and talent and take that graphic design internship, are you all forgetting that on a previous episode Pam was encouraging Jim to take a job elsewhere that would have been more responsibility and more money? Jim's response was to act as though she spit in her face. So, it was rather hypocritical for Jim to say those things to Pam when he can't take his own medicine.

29Posted by Jeff on February 3, 2006

Good call Jeff...of course this was something Pam LOVES, and with Jim, I don't really think he is interested in learning the tonnage prices for more than manila folders...good point though.
Elly, on Pam's myspace page, she writes messages for each episode as well as some FAQs...
I think it's on the Boys and Girls message, but it may be a FAQ or in The Carpet...she just mentiones that the reader should check out a montage, then it provides the link.
Thanks to Graham for the song title!

30Posted by Sarah on February 3, 2006

Wow...another great show, but please don't make Pam cry any more. That broke my heart seeing that. I don't know who told her there's no terraces in Scranton, but I'll bet Jim would find one for her. But if she marry's Roy I'm sure he would sit there and turn up the TV, or just roll over. As for going to New York, it was like Pam was born again, getting a chance to live her dream. She was so excited when she saw Jim...and was so sad after that so called boy friend of hers put her down. The others in here commented on the great lines, and best parts, but I wanted to say...I love this show more and more every week. P.S. to Pam...I'm an engineering (construction not train) and I'll build you a terrace...even in Scranton...Where is Scranton again?

31Posted by Jim on February 3, 2006

While I do see the similarities between Jim/Maryland and Pam/art class, there is one major difference. As already stated, Pam WANTS to learn art. Jim's only reason to go to Maryland was for the money, and he would have to give up Pam. So it wasn't worth it for him.

32Posted by John D'arc on February 3, 2006

It was great to see so much of Daryl last night. I loved the part where Michael was releasing all the styrofoam peanuts into the fan and they were blowing around like "snow". You could just feel Daryl controlling himself from just getting up and throttling Michael.
And Dwight making a snow angel - priceless.

33Posted by Lori on February 3, 2006

Not to mention the fact that she currently is not pursuing Jim; and still is leaning towards marrying Roy.

Pam's suggestion of advancing Jim's career was different because he was looking for signs that Pam liked him, and that was pretty much a slap in the face.

Thats my read anyways.

34Posted by Pat D. on February 3, 2006

So, if Roy said, "Baby, follow your dreams", do you all think Pam would be off to New York? I mean, let's face it, leaving the comfort of a job where you work with a guy who is at the very least your comic daily comic relief and at most someone you have feelings for wouldn't be the easiest thing in the world to do. Leaving Roy, on the other hand, would be a fairly easy decision.

35Posted by Jeff on February 3, 2006

Well said by everybody so far.

I really liked two things about the episode - 1)the infighting among the D-M women (we are a catty gender) and 2)the way they forced Jan L-G temporarily out of the office (she'll be back, regrettably).

1) I thought it was really shrewd that Pam said she saw absolutely nothing in common between her and the other women in the office -- which seems to suggest that she does not have a future in office life. DUH - her drawing (was that her house, the building -- what was that?) was spectacular! Anybody know if that's floating around on the web yet? At first I hastily construed it to mean that she didn't respect or admire any of the women of the office... For a second I thought she was faking being friends with them... I was like "What's wrong with Phyllis?" I think I was still stinging from Angela's acidic remarks to Phyllis... Then with some thought, she genuinely liked folks -- I realized she meant that she just couldn't see herself following in their footsteps, doing what they do for a living, she wanted/needs to do something different apparently pretty soon...

I thought Angela's unexpected attack on Phyllis was a brilliant little nugget. I've been reading a lot of synopses about "Girlfighting" - a theory put forward by Lyn Mikel that I don't particularly ascribe to - that girls are mean to each other because society conditions them to be competitive in destructive ways... I definitely sensed the infighting was a product of the suppressed/misdirected competitive instincts ... BAP BAP BAP... I'm boring myself...

2) Now this is going to sound possibly warped, but bear with me. On TAL there was a piece about a woman in a polygamist marriage... She sounds mostly perfectly normal and sensible until she talks about sharing her husband. But anyway, she says something that stuck with me -- she describes that she and the other wives "have run off their share of women" and that a new wife doesn't have a chance, even if it's the wife that her husband wants, if she doesn't get along with the other wives. While Jim and Pam's relationship is more satisfying to think about - oh Angela literally knocked me out of my chair when she announced that she was in "the healthiest relationship of her life" (with the most disturbed individual in the office -- Creed is questionable...) I DO NOT think Michael and Jan's relationship is something worth developing in anything other than the cartoonish way it has moved along so far. I have several thoughts on how to develop a character that would actually be a perfect match for Michael, but I digress... Michael is in love with being part of the office -- with the cameraderie that the office forces on a group of people who won't unless pushed really hard move much outside the comfort zone they presently work and live in and with what remains of the forced respect for his position and what hasn't eroded of his authority. He enjoys being in charge, but he also likes being a part of the group. Jan - it's a small distinction but significant I think - is in love with her authority and likes being above the group. Long analysis short, she's not a good match for Michael. I also think she's a generally crappy manager. And I think the women have banded together like Mormon brides and decided she will not make a good addition to the group.


V/R... HI-B

36Posted by Holly Ivy-Baker on February 3, 2006

You guys are forgetting that Pam taking the internship wouldn't take her entirely away from the office, as she would still be around on the weekdays and would still work there. It would simply open up new doors in the future, whereas Jim's job in Maryland would have taken him to an ENTIRELY different place and would probably separate him from the people at the office forever.

37Posted by Eli on February 3, 2006

The Jim/Pam confrontation in the kitchen had me holding my breath. Jim's words "You are?" broke my heart. Though there are definitely two layers there -- Pam's choice of Jim over Roy -- I think he was genuinely devastated that she wasn't going to be pursuing the opportunity. As perfect as his "You have to take a chance on something sometime" were for the Mega Love Triangle, I don't think it was conscious. I think at that point he was mostly concerned about her.

And I'm not sure if Pam's breakdown at the end had anything to do with Jim, at least not in a straightforward way. I think she was mostly envisioning her future as a receptionist and Roy's wife, and it wasn't pretty. I don't think she's "realized" her "true" feelings for Jim. She's not to that point yet.

Though how amazing was his support for her? Not only supporting the decision to take a risk, but calling her on it later when she backed out. It's a close friendship when you're comfortable enough to tell someone they're screwing up, and not be afraid to do it bluntly enough to make a difference -- risking your friendship for their own good.

Is this their first real fight? They've had some awkward moments, but never an argument. Gut-wrenching.

I love this show.

Oh, and Toby rocks.

38Posted by otahyoni on February 3, 2006

Yep, JAM's first fight. Pam didn't really seem angry though, just very taken aback by Jim's confrontation. at the end of the episode though, you could tell she was still thinking about what he said.
Internship + Terrace = Jim
Receptionist at DM + regular house = Roy
We all know which one she should pick. I just hope she does, and fast.

39Posted by MOOGAH on February 3, 2006

Great, great, great. Michael really captured it at the end w/ "it's that sexual tension that keeps things interesting," which is half the reason for watching the show. This show just gets better and better. I don't have cable, so I have to wait and download it Friday morning from itunes. It's two dollars well spent. The ending was so bittersweet (come on Jim, take your own advice) and Michael's behavior in the warehouse was so funny. I like that Jim and Ryan are really friendly to each other in this episode.

Question: Where was Oscar?

Kelly, Toby, and Angela were great in this episode. It's nice to see more of the minor characters.

"I'm Meredith. I'm an Al...good with data processing."

And Dwight's rant about taking them to church the next day and Jim's look.

I think this is the beginning of the breakdown of RAM, at least I hope so.

Can't wait til next week!

40Posted by Liz on February 3, 2006

Oh my, what a funny episode...
Dwight let his guard down with the comment about taking Angela to church, I laughed at this.

Poor Pam,that Roy has to go, that incident when she showed him the brochure about the designer training and then her sulking for the rest of the episode made me think "Come on girl, get some nerve! Do what you think you should do!"

Michael trying so hard to fit in by allowing the warehouse guys to go on about a union and destroying the warehouse was funny too.

41Posted by Amber on February 3, 2006

The blackboard behind Darryl has names and days of the week listed and clearly says "do not erase." The first thing Michael does is erase the board and put the "Good Will Hunting" long-division question up there. Wow. How very Michael Scott of him.

Each episode of this show makes more and more nervous and anxious and frankly, concerned about what will happen with Jam. In this episode, I think I saw them as individuals first and then as Jam.
Anything having to do with Jim has to do with Pam/Jam. Jim has no other story to tell does he? This episode reveals Pam's other story. She is her own worst enemy.
Oh Pam.
James: good luck with the JP index this week. Personally, I don't know if the stuff Pam dealt with this episode was really about Jam.

quotes that made me laugh outloud:
Pam: "We watched a video about our changing bodies."
Warhouse guy who's name I don't know: "That's a good question Hasselhoff."
Darryl: "You don't feel us. How can you?" Then Dwight:"Not literally."

42Posted by sam on February 3, 2006

i just realized after watching Boys And Girls again, that Roy seemed to be asking Jim about the crush to make sure he wasn't going to take her away. You could see it in his face, the fear.

43Posted by John D'arc on February 3, 2006

I don't think I saw anyone else mention this but in the scene where Pam first tells Jim about the internship, we see him checking his messages. Could he possibly be looking for a response from Brenda? That was my first impression. BTW, absolutely loved this episode, especially the Jam scene in the kitchen. Heartbreaking. Good luck, James. The Office rules!

44Posted by pam on February 3, 2006

please check out and contribute to office fan fiction at fanfiction.net! they are really good.

45Posted by joley on February 3, 2006

Upon third watching:

Right before Jan flips out, Angela says "At least you don't have any kids. You have no kids, right? Thank God."

This time it finally made me think back to "The Client," when Jan said that she divorced because she wanted kids and he didn't. So that was a larger part of the flipout than I previously thought.

46Posted by Graham on February 3, 2006

I'm not sure Roy's at all concerned about Jim's potential intrusion on his relationship with Pam, John D'arc. Roy did a considerable amount of Pam-bashing in front of Jim, and all I could think to myself was, "Easy! That's no way to talk in front of a guy who wants your woman!" I think Roy, like Pam, is kinda lulled into this complacency with regards to their relationship. He set the date, which he thinks is all it took to make her happy. We clearly know better... And I thought I noticed, during the breakroom fight scene, Jim bit his tongue when Roy's name came up. Like he wanted to say something about Roy's attitude toward her, but didn't. That Jim!

Anyway, wasn't it during "The Alliance" where Roy almost got into a fight with Jim because he thought Jim was copping a feel? Quite a different reaction this time, and I think it's because Roy honestly thinks he's got nothing to fear from Jim, Pam, or Jam.

47Posted by Brenzes on February 3, 2006

After seeing this episode I'm kind of doubting that there ever will be a Jam wedding, did anyone notice Roy's face when the marriage came up (I think in a comment by Michael), he suddenly looked very ill. Let's not forget that he was drunk when he set the date, and it's not the first time a date has been set. Between Roy and Pam, I think one of them will end up backing out before June, especially with Pam crying; that was pretty much the most depressing thing ever (not funny, like when Angela cries). I love the interaction between Angela and Phyllis, I hope we get to find out sometime just what it is between these two that keeps them at odds.

If anyone else has read "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin they might have noticed this, but the protagonist is totally Pam. It's bumming me out.

I think the JP index should go way up for this one, and kudos to Kelly for the wink ;-)

48Posted by jake on February 3, 2006

James, I love this site. I've never posted before, but I'm sure I will be regularly in the future. I loved this episode! B.J. is a fantastic writer. Jenna was amazing in the talking head where she started to cry - I got tears instantly. Did anyone else notice that the breakroom fight scene Jim had considerably more stubble than usual (and definitely more than in the rest of the episode). He looked HOT (sorry, don't mean to be completely superficial). And a good question above - where the hell WAS Oscar? Also, I agree with Eli above - the internship is very different from Maryland b/c Pam wouldn't be leaving the office. (Well, she would have to for three weeks) Think about it - if Pam was in NY on weekends and with Jim all week at work, that would surely drive a wedge between her and Roy. Could be good....

Everyone was fantastic - can't wait to see the JPI for this week.

49Posted by Nicole on February 4, 2006


Secondly, so poignant and heartbreaking with Pam breaking down and how tense this whole episode felt, between Jim and (INSERT MALE BLUE COLLAR WORKER HERE) and between JAM..

Thirdly, Darryl was 70% of this whole episodes funny. He was absolutelty hilarious.

Fourthly, who else can't wait for the VALENTINE'S DAY EPISODE?

50Posted by Jay K. Cagatay on February 4, 2006

"After seeing this episode I’m kind of doubting that there ever will be a Jam wedding..." Jake, don't you mean a Ram wedding?

51Posted by VG on February 4, 2006

No I think he means there was a serious JPI downturn this ep!
But I don't know, I think there will be.
That's GOTTA have major JPI.

52Posted by Jay K. Cagatay on February 4, 2006

Graham, nice catch on the Jan kids thing. I love how much they pay attention to keeping even the smaller characters consistent and fleshed out.

Sarah, thanks for the directions to the montage. It's "middle32" on http://www.putfile.com/bexx. I can't get that one to buffer, but there are some other Office-related clips including a different "You and Me" montage.

Maybe it will be good when the show goes on hiatus in March. I'm getting obsessed.

53Posted by Elly on February 4, 2006

this was a great ep did you guys see that pam hesitated acouple of times in boys and girls.first one when she was saying that she wants to be married and took her a couple of seconds to say roy's name.when she was talking to jim in the kitchen and she seemed like she didn't believe in what she was telling him and it was preety obvious that she wasn't but it was still a good ep and it was funny tooespically micheal in the wearhouse lol okaythats all i got to say

54Posted by Eve on February 5, 2006

Maybe Oscar... got the flu again.

55Posted by Jason G. on February 5, 2006

Did anyone else catch the referrence to "The Lost Boys" when all the guys in the warehouse started chanting "Michael!...Michael!...Michael!...Michael...!" about him confronting Jan on the union issue? Absolutely priceless.

56Posted by shan on February 5, 2006

This was the first episode in which tears actually welled up in my eyes, when Pam broke down. After so many hilarious episodes, this one was filled with serious yearning and emotion, and truly threw me for a loop.

Some other special moments:

  • Kelly's best line to date: "How can someone so beautiful be so sad?"
  • When Michael barges into the conference room the second time to talk to Jan, he quietly says to Pam, "Can I help you?" I wonder if that was a purely improvised moment, because Pam is clearly taken aback.

    James, I didn't catch "makeup" after the ponies, rainbows, and flowers. Gonna have to rewind the tape and watch it again.... :)

    This show is just so amazing.

57Posted by Jennie on February 5, 2006

James, thank you SO much for the pic of Michael hiding! You made my whole Monday! :)

58Posted by Teala373 on February 6, 2006

the camera has already moved on when ryan says "makeup," but you can sort of hear it in the background. thats one scene they should have focused on for longer!

59Posted by letjoewt on February 6, 2006

Hey everyone, head on over to fanfiction.net and check out the office section! Its growing, slowly but surely, and its pretty entertaining stuff! be sure to publish your own as well! well..if its good. ;-)

60Posted by lisa on February 6, 2006

mmm, fan fiction is pointless.

61Posted by Jay K. Cagatay on February 7, 2006

Hey, great site! I just found this download for BJ Novak and Rainn Wilson on Loveline.

Pay it forward.

62Posted by Phong on February 7, 2006

I thought that an interesting comment was made by Pam when Jan was chairing her Women in the Workplace meeting. The women were talking about their dreams and (if I remember correctly) when Jan turned to Pam for input, Pam at first commented that she would like to have that house with the terrace. Then she stated "More seriously though..." and she said that she would like to be be married "to the man that I love" and then she added "Roy". At the risk of reading too much into it, it is almost as if she was forcing herself to reconcile those two concepts, love and Roy.

It is apparent that becoming married to Roy is no longer a dream for Pam, it is something that she has resigned herself to do.

63Posted by Jean on February 7, 2006

Ooopppsss... I see that my observation above was mentioned a bit earlier by Eve. My apologies for the redundancy.

64Posted by Jean on February 7, 2006

Am I the only one who thought the house with a terrace thing was a joke at first? When she said "More seriously..." I thought she was mocking the other womens' goals. But then, when she went on about the house with a terrace being something she's always liked, I realized Pam wasn't kidding. By dreaming of the house with the terrace, she kinda IS like the other women. Not that that's a bad thing. It struck me as very sad that it didn't occur to Pam to just build her dream home, if they don't have any like 'em in Scranton.

65Posted by Brenzes on February 7, 2006

Oooh, just saw the teaser for tomorrow's ep....looks like Pam has her hair down (grins creepily)

66Posted by Pat D. on February 8, 2006

its ok jean, its funny when iwas reading yours i was like uh didn't i just write that but its okay gusse we were both of the same conclusion and at least you said sorry

67Posted by Eve on February 8, 2006

Nice on the creepy grin, Pat D! I LOVE Dwight's creepy grin, he does it alarmingly well. In fact, that was my favorite part of the LOST comment, his creepy little lip pursing thing, and then sorta gliiiiiding down the stairs.

Oh, and many thanks to Phong for that Loveline link. Rainn and BJ were hilarious! It made me wonder if the "Nice" thing is Dwight's or Rainn's.

68Posted by Brenzes on February 8, 2006

I think that Jim telling Pam she needs to take a chance and stray away from Roy kindof symbolized her taking a chance on Jim. It's not ordinary of her but it would certainly make her life better.

69Posted by Dwight K. Shrute on February 8, 2006