Congrats Jenna! (or Save the Kittens!)

Tuesday4 September 2007

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the good folks at Congrats Jenna were unable to raise the necessary funds to publish an ad in The Hollywood Reporter. Undeterred, they’ve chosen to redirect their efforts towards raising money for Kitten Rescue, a charity for which Jenna was a former volunteer. They ask that all donations be made by September 16th. Head on over and show your support!

My first update in a while, folks, and it’s for a great cause. Jenn, Holly, Mel, and Steph are campaigning to buy a congratulatory, full-page ad for Jenna Fischer in the September 14th “Day of the Emmys” issue of The Hollywood Reporter. As you might imagine, such things aren’t cheap: they need to raise $4,140 by August 27th (a little over two weeks from now). Let’s make it happen.

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Hi im Jesse and im a pretty huge fan of the office...counting down till September 4th right now. I just wanted to say congrats o actually being mentioned in The Office commentary...I was impressed

1Posted by Jesse on August 19, 2007

Hey guys -- very nice thing to do for Jenna -- definitely! But it might mean more to her if you donate it to that animal shelter she supports. That would be a really nice thing to do and would help animals in addition to letting Jenna know how much we support her. Just a suggestion........

2Posted by BB on August 27, 2007

There's a SchruteBuck T-Shirt site!
Also accepts Stanley nickels.

3Posted by Matt on September 20, 2007