Flashback: The Alliance

Saturday1 December 2007

Happy holidays, everyone. Today’s flashback recap (flashcap?) comes to you courtesy of Linus. Undeterred by the writer’s strike, Linus has reached all the way back to Season One and pulled out a recap of The Alliance. Many thanks, Linus, for putting this together in these dark(ish), Office-less times. Enjoy.

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Any idea when will the office be back on tv???

1Posted by bebeyoliva on December 5, 2007

If the strike is resolved soon, spring. If it goes through January, not until next fall.

2Posted by Linus on December 5, 2007

You should recap some of the other season one episodes/missing S2/S3 episodes. FO SHO

3Posted by Matthew Lingo on December 6, 2007

I'm working on a flashcap (good word, James) for "Health Care", so that should be up this week-end.

4Posted by Linus on December 6, 2007

Ugh,I really hope this strike gets resolved soon! I miss watching new episodes on Thursday nights.

5Posted by Tutter on December 8, 2007

This may cheer some of you up for the holidays... it is Dunder Mifflin's rival to elf yourself. GNOME YOURSELF is made by DM. This one stars Michael, sent to me by my cousin. Check it out (you can make your own with any character at www.gnomeyourself.com)


6Posted by Matt on December 17, 2007

Hey- Just was watching my season 2 dvd, and jenna gave the site a shout out.

7Posted by Dink N Fliker on December 30, 2007

No more flashback recaps?

8Posted by acsenray on February 5, 2008

yes she did thats actually how i heard about this site

I love that Dwight still thinks its a good idea to dye
his hair

9Posted by Dwigt on February 6, 2008