Friday3 November 2006

I regret to announce that I will be taking an indefinite hiatus from writing episode recaps starting with Diwali. I’ve spoken of my oppressive schedule on several occasions, so I won’t trouble you with the details. Suffice it to say that although I was able to squeeze in time for the first few recaps of the new season, the demands of my work, and to some extent, personal, life have now caught up to me. I can no longer offer the quality of insight this show deserves and that I expect of myself, and thus I am suspending the recaps now before they descend into mediocrity.

I will continue to post news updates and link submissions to Northern Attack as well as new episode threads to The Watercooler, which I will continue to moderate. In other words, NA will remain fully active with the exception of the weekly recaps. Granted, those recaps are probably what drew many of you to NA in the first place, and I am very sorry that you will have to do without them, but it is my hope that you will still be able to derive intelligent and worthwhile discussion from the forums. I am extremely proud of the folks that have gathered here at NA, and the quality of conversation that occurs here reflects that. I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my personal thanks to a handful of dedicated regulars: Loaded Teapot, garbagethrower, Nathan, Lori, Brian, Two-Hole Punch Jim, Plaid, PurseGirl, Jenna Loves Josh, ferd farkel, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and ddker. The Office community is fortunate to have you, and I am certainly grateful for your contributions.

Of course, you’ll still have OfficeTally, Give Me My Remote, Life In The Office, and LiveJournal, all of whom do a much better job of reporting the news than I do, as well as plenty of other resources at your disposal. I’m not certain when the recaps will return, but I’ll make sure you know it when they do. As a final note, my sincerest thanks go out to everyone who’s stuck with NA over the past year — I appreciate your support more than you’ll ever know.

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James, while I am very saddened to hear this news, I fully understand how hard it can be to juggle work, personal life, and a TV show addiction. ;)

In the end, you must do what is best for you, and hopefully everything else will take care of itself.

Take care, my friend. Come back when you can. You know we'll be waiting.


1Posted by tanster on November 3, 2006

dude, gnaw. this is so "faggie" as michael would say. i love northern, i've been a supporter since.. well since you first advertised the link on jenna or angela's myspaces, i'm gonna miss your recaps.. make a clone of yourself and hire it to do them!
hope all's well out there,

2Posted by Jay C on November 3, 2006

Sorry to hear about your hiatus, but I understand.

Good luck with everything!

3Posted by GMMR on November 3, 2006

Stupid real life messing with our fun here.
Seriously, like the great Alfalfa once said, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I'm guessing that if your professional and personal life are taking more of your time, then things must be going pretty well. Hope that's the case.
Good luck man.

4Posted by Brian on November 3, 2006

Nobody could ever write the recaps the way you do, James, so I completely understand your decision to put them on hiatus for now. I will miss them, though. I hope everything with work (and anything else) will lighten up for you soon and that you're taking care of yourself.

But remember - we're only on a break ;-)

5Posted by Loaded Teapot on November 3, 2006

I have thoroughly enjoyed your insightful input every week, James! I completely understand when life gets in the way of things you'd otherwise like to do. I, tragically, have had to stop watching The OC, not just because it sucks, but because I can't justify anymore slacking off in college than I already do. Good luck with all your endeavors and hopefully one day things will be less crazy.

6Posted by Catherine Zeta-Jones on November 3, 2006

We're sure gonna miss those recaps, James. I looked forward to them almost as much as a shiny new episode. But better to fade away than burn out...wait...anyway, hope the hiatus is brief. See you in the forums (throw us a witty crumb now and then to tide us over, yeah?) and many thanks again for our cool hangout. It's our Poor Richard's, BYOB.

7Posted by garbagethrower on November 3, 2006

Woo-hoo! I'm a regular! Seriously though, much thanks to James for setting up this great site and giving us obsessed fans a place to "talk" about the best show in the history of television.

8Posted by Jenna Loves Josh on November 3, 2006

Oh no, James! I have loved reading your recaps almost as much as I love watching the actual show! You will definitely be missed, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Take care and best wishes to you in the future - and by the way, THANKS for your hard work on this site!

9Posted by Stooges Woman :-) on November 3, 2006

Oh, James, I'm going to miss your recaps. They were, in a word, brilliant. Good luck with everything!
-Post-it Thief

10Posted by Gretchen on November 3, 2006

Boo, James, Booooooo. You suck.


On another note, it sounds pretty funny when you thank "Catherine Zeta-Jones" for visiting your site.

I understand the need to pull back on the updates though. I used to write music reviews for Music Junkies Anonymous, and I havent written anything in years with first college taking all my free time, and now work. I think for the type of writing you did on this site, when you feel you have to force yourself to do it, its time to call it quits. Ultimately, I think the work suffers as well, although I haven't noticed any decline in your recaps recently. Good luck.

Oh, and WHERES THE PRISON BREAK SITE????? Damn you for teasing us. DAMN YOU!!!!! ;-)

11Posted by Pat D. on November 3, 2006

aw james, we love you :)

12Posted by Lena on November 4, 2006

No one can blame you for needing to scale back, James. Sites of this caliber are the exception, not the rule, and real life has to intervene sometimes. I hope we'll see some more recaps one day, though, since nobody does them better than you.

13Posted by tad gupty on November 4, 2006

Thanks for all your hard work, James! I've been a faithful reader and I will truly miss your amazingly insightful recaps- but I suppose "real life" has got to come first! Take Care. Dinkin' Flicka.

14Posted by Single Tear on November 4, 2006

What?! This isn't your real job?! I'm shocked. Okay,seriously, I will miss your recaps. Hope the life stuff gives you a break and in time you can return to recapping. I just love this site and will keep hanging out. As GT said, this is our Poor Richards!

15Posted by Pursegirl on November 4, 2006

Too bad you can't get paid for obsessing about the office :p

16Posted by Word. on November 5, 2006


17Posted by Charlie on November 6, 2006

this smells james!!!!!!
loved your recaps....
but i get it...i do...

18Posted by kelly on November 6, 2006

Ok, I'll forgive you as long as you promise to come back some time. Doesn't matter when, just some time.

19Posted by jenny on November 6, 2006


I've only recently found NA (thanks to the Season 2 DVD commentary), but I was hooked as soon as I read the first recap! Thanks for all your hard work running this website. I will really miss the recaps and your amazing insights into the show and it's characters, but I completely understand your decision. Best of luck with work and life. We'll all be looking forward to the Day of the Return of the Recaps! ;)

Hug it out, bitch.

20Posted by DelegateFromIceland on November 6, 2006

Thanks, everyone. With praise like this, who wouldn't want to write for you guys? I must say, it does feel a little odd arriving at a Monday without having recapped the previous week's episode.

I shall return.

21Posted by James on November 6, 2006

We will still visit this site... Hoping that maybe work will allow you every once in a while to do the recaps...

22Posted by Veronica on November 6, 2006

I feel your pain, James. Best of luck in other facets of life. Your breakdowns will be missed.

23Posted by Nathan on November 8, 2006

James, I'm so saddened to hear this! But I fully support your decision.

I know what you're thinking- "Who is this loon?" I've actually been coming to NA for a long time, eagerly awaiting each episode recap. I think I've only made one comment before, and I feel bad I never told you before how awesome your recaps are. :(

Best wishes with everything. Fleece it out.

24Posted by Spud Gun on November 11, 2006