Introducing OfficeTally

Sunday5 February 2006

I’ve posted the full recap for Boys and Girls. I hope I addressed most of the points that were brought up in the comments section, which, by the way, was very extensive and insightful. I really enjoyed reading what you all had to say; keep it up and I may start having you all write my recaps for me.

I wanted to introduce everyone to OfficeTally brought to you by tanster. The site is built around the very simple premise of allowing fans of the show to rate each episode. It’s clean, unobtrusive, and well worth your patronage. The site only recently launched, so there may be a few glitches here and there, but tanster has asked me to recruit you all to start putting it through the works. Check it out when you have the chance.

In other news, Roy has joined the MySpace crew for those of you with accounts. Let’s give him a warm welcome.

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Thanks so much for the fantastic intro, James! :)

And thank you to all Northern Attack fans for coming by OfficeTally and casting your votes. It's been really fun to follow the highest rated list!

1Posted by Jennie on February 6, 2006

i voted copiously.

2Posted by Jay K. Cagatay on February 7, 2006

oh also - my top 3:

3. Christmas Party
2. Boys + Girls
1. Booze Cruise

Everyone else list their top 3

3Posted by Jay K. Cagatay on February 7, 2006

1. Booze Cruise
2. Sexual Harassment
3. The Dundies

4Posted by Pat D. on February 7, 2006

1. Christmas Party - Michael at his best
2. Dundies - My crush reached a whole new level the day we met the adorable & charming "drunk Pam".
3. Diversity Day - see #1
4. Sexual Harrassmant - see #1
5. Booze Cruise - 27 seconds of silence was perfection....

5Posted by Blake on February 7, 2006

Great idea! My top three are:

1. The Dundies (Pam kissing Jim makes my heart melt!)
2. Booze Cruise & The Carpet (can't decide which one I love more -- the P/J silence during Booze Cruise or the voicemails from Pam in The Carpet)
3. The Injury (not too much P/J action, but Dwight was just hilarious this whole ep!)

6Posted by Jess on February 7, 2006

1. Booze Cruise
2. The Injury
3. Christmas Party

honorary mentions:
boys and girls
the fire
diversity day

... if i continue, i'll honorably mention all the episodes except the Pilot, just because that was a complete ripoff of the original, which I understand the reason behind doing it, but doesn't deserve a mention - !

7Posted by Patrick on February 8, 2006

3. Diversity Day
2. The Dundies
1. Booze Cruise

Christmas Party
The Secret
The Alliance


8Posted by Graham on February 8, 2006

This is fun!

3. Tie between The Injury and The Client (I love how Michael calls Pam for jokes and she discovers Threat Level: Midnight. The script was hysterical)

2. The Dundies (hold me closer tiny Dundie)

1. Booze Cruise (for obvious reasons and also whenever I am down, I just watch the whole clip of Michael dancing and it just cracks me up)

The Carpet
Christmas Party

9Posted by Teala373 on February 8, 2006

haha on thinking of this top 3, i re-watched MANY episodes after posting, and I have to say, that Dundies now makes #3.
Pam kissing Jim.. Pam drunk, Stanley's wife, Dwight - OHHHH YEAH. "Like an AIDS test?" and many others, andd um.. EVERYTHING MICHAEL SAID OR DID.

10Posted by Jay K. Cagatay on February 10, 2006