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Saturday3 December 2005

Alright, here’s something I’ve been itching to know for a while: what exactly is Pam’s last name? There are no less than three spellings of it out there, all from what could be considered official sources. Eagled-eye viewers will have noticed inconsistencies with Dwight’s last name as well, but we’ll leave that burning question for another day.

Official Website from NBC

Official website

We start with the official site first.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

This one comes approximately 4:10 into the Sexual Harassment episode.

Pam at MySpace


Finally, we have it straight from the source herself.

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Nice little feature. I'd take it from Jenna herself, too, although technically "Pam" would have set her email name herself in that second example :-P

1Posted by Marc on December 4, 2005

I guess the IT guy could have set her name for the email account initially so I think we can discount the "ea" spelling. imdb also has it as "beesley" so my official vote would go for that spelling. Perhaps the NBC web guy just screwed up.

2Posted by ebarker on December 4, 2005

Personally I think it should be spelled 'Halpert' but that's just me :)

3Posted by Mel on December 4, 2005

To set the record straight, in all the scripts for the show (the only true definitive source), it is spelled Pam Beesly. The NBC website is correct. Dwight's last name is spelled "Schrute."

4Posted by anonymous on December 10, 2005

Perhaps the script writers are just wanting to test our nerdiness factor in noticing such inconsistencies.

5Posted by Dolly on December 12, 2005

You know, I never noticed that before. Interesting question though. i agree, pam halpert would be much easier.

6Posted by Christopher on December 14, 2005