Mr. and Mrs. Vance Refrigeration tie the knot at last, in a ceremony with more than an eerie resemblance to the one Pam abandoned just months before. Dwight polices for wedding crashers and preys on Uncle Al’s dementia, Scrantonicity finally gets to rock the house and Michael goes to excessive lengths to ensure his second appearance at a wedding is met with just as much success as his first. Hypothetically, love should conquer all, except when it doesn’t, and walks out the door hand-in-hand with the past.

The Michael Scott School of Hard Knocks

James summed it right up, and precognitively at that, in his three-word placeholder: Michael. Wedding. Bad.

Michael : Phyllis is getting married, and I am in the wedding party. She’s asked me to push her father’s wheelchair down the aisle. So basically, I am co-giving away the bride. Since I pay her salary, it is like I am paying for the wedding. Which I’m happy to do. It’s a big day for Phyllis. But it’s an even bigger day for me. Employer of the Bride.

The past few weeks of his restrained, surprisingly rational behavior come crashing down in a fiery blaze of glory.

Michael : Hi, I’m Michael Scott, and for the next forty minutes, I am going to be your tour guide through the lives of Phyllis Lapin and Bob Vance. One of the great, seemingly impossible love stories of our time.

Forty minutes should do it; that is, if he’s breaking into the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest unwelcome toast in history. And a footnote will have to be made that– as I’m sure every attendee of the annual North Eastern Sales Convention can attest– forty minutes with Michael in possession of a microphone is more comparable to four hours of torture at the hand of Jack Bauer.

Michael : My name is Michael Scott. Webster’s Dictionary defines wedding as “the fusing of two metals with a hot torch.” Well you know something? I think you guys are two metals… gold metals. [He attempts to start applause, no one joins in] For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Michael Scott, Phyllis’ boss. To quote from The Princess Bride, “mah-widge…”

Bomb horribly on the first open, just introduce yourself and start again. No one will be the wiser.

Michael : Phyllis and Bob, their celebrity couple name would be… “Phlob.” You look at her, and she’s kind of matronly today. But back in high school, I swear, her nickname was “Easy Rider.”

Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any worse. Poor, poor Phyllis, and yet, she remains her usual unflappable self. The four years of high school and a lifetime as coworkers have more than prepared her for this day.

Dwight Being Dwight

A survey of the romantically entangled couples from the office reveals a remarkable success rate. Phyllis and Bob are now wed, Michael somehow has Jan against all interminable odds, and even the oft-troubled Ryan and Kelly seem to have reached some patchy understanding. And then, in a category all their own, Dwight and Angela.

Dwight : Hello, Angela.
Angela : Hi, Dwight.
Dwight : You look as beautiful as the Queen of England.
Angela : Thank you. Don’t linger. Break left. Left!

Through the good and bad, the impossibly sweet and spectacularly weird, they remain the oddest– and arguably the happiest– of all odd couples. Their stolen dance outside the church easily steals them the most romantic moment of the night.

The Many Faces of Jim

Jim can latch onto even the most casual comment of Dwight’s and create a monster with next to no effort at all.

Dwight : Why are all these people here? There’s too many people on this earth. We need a new plague. Who are all these people?
Jim : You know what, I bet a lot of them are wedding crashers.
Dwight : No way.
Jim : Did you ever see that movie?
Dwight : Of course I saw it.
[Cut to interview]
Dwight : I saw Wedding Crashers accidentally. I bought a ticket for Grizzly Man and went into the wrong theater. After an hour, I figured I was in the wrong theater, but I kept waiting. That’s the thing about bear attacks. They come when you least expect it.
[Back to scene]
Jim : You know, I just wish– I wish I had the investigative powers to actually smoke some of these guys out, you know.
Dwight : Once again, Jim, I will take care of this. I will locate the wedding crashers and report them to Phyllis. That way I won’t have to get her a gift.

I love how Jim turns around to find Dwight’s face less than two inches from his own and he doesn’t so much as bat an eye.

Confessions of a Receptionist

Enlisting the help of co-workers to plan a wedding has its downsides, apparently one of which is that the arrangements become community property and can spawn clones at any time.

Pam : Phyllis ended up using the exact same invitations as Roy and me. So it was kind of like being invited to my own wedding. And I was like… wait, I thought I called that off.

The invitations, flowers, even the band could pass as borrowed inspiration. The same scripted initials, an uncanny coincidence. But the dress? Now that’s a little spooky. At least those refrigerator cakes are completely original.

The Jim/Pam Index

Let me start off by giving thanks for one thing: there are no cameras following me around to document each of the huge opportunities I miss in blissful ignorance.

Jim : When are we going to get to see some of those famous Beesly dance moves?
Pam : [laughing] I’m pacing myself.
Jim: C’mon. Get out there. Give the people what they want.
Pam : No, I’m such a dorky dancer.
Jim : I know. It’s very cute.
[Cut to interview]
Jim : Hypothetically, if I thought Pam was interested, then… no, it’s totally hypothetical.

Hypothetical or not, that door is what you call wide open… and that sound is the heart of every female watching– possibly a few guys too– hitting a full stop. Especially after Pam’s telling conversation with Kelly just minutes before.

Kelly : Are you all right? This must be so awful for you.
Pam : What do you mean?
Kelly : Well, this was supposed to be your wedding.
Pam : Oh, um, no, that’s um, it’s actually fine.
Kelly : There’s no way it’s fine, I’m sorry. If I was you, I would just like freak out, and get really drunk, and then tell someone I was pregnant.
Pam : Okay, that’s a lot of good ideas. Thanks.

You can see the switch flicked in her face from being absolutely sure the next words out of Kelly’s mouth are something to do with Jim, to realizing it’s the wedding that’s up for discussion and that she’s long past that issue.

Unfortunately, this fantastic setup– not too mention some heavy gazing over the already heart-clenching Fields of Gold– all too quickly fizzles out into the familiar wounded territory.

I may be in the minority here, but I’m claiming satisfaction with Phyllis’ Wedding for delivering what has been built on all year. Roy 2.0 has been pining to get back in Pam’s good graces for months now and he finally gets a chance. All we can hope is that it’s too little, too late. Or too much, too late. It is possible to try too hard, you know, and Roy is pulling out all the stops. I’m all for his fresh start and new leaf, but nothing has yet to convince me they belong together outside of high school, any more than I’m jumping to the conclusion that the night’s events throws her back into his arms for good.

[To his dismay, Jim sees Pam leave with Roy]
Jim : Here’s a non-hypothetical. I’m really happy I’m with Karen.

It’s interesting to look back and see where we were this time last year. Before we can get too frustrated with Pam, it could be argued that Jim had more cause for action then than she does now– if only because he knew firsthand how things were for her with Roy– and look how long it still took him to put it all on the line. For all she knows, Jim is now happy without her, not admitting feelings for her mere weeks ago. And for all he knows, she’s not regretting previous choices and stumbling through denials until she is all but incriminated, so he gives no encouragement other than the casual flirting that has always been a staple of their friendship.

Are they being ridiculous, even maddening at times? Absolutely. But not at the suspension of belief. And this time around, without a wedding as a deadline, they’re free to coast in their comedy of errors and misconceptions. That said, I think– or at least, hope– the bomb is ticking, and the whole truth is about due to come up for air, if for nothing else but the sake of their own sanity.

For the second week in a row, and much in the same tradition as last year’s thwarted Valentines’, the JPI for Phyllis’ Wedding is Down.

Supporting Nod

Cue the rimshot for Kevin and his perfectly belted Roxanne.

The Superstar

I dare you to find a worse wedding guest than Michael Scott.

Transmissions from the Office

  • Dwight : The Schrutes have their own traditions. We usually marry standing in our own graves. Makes the funerals very romantic. But the weddings are a bleak affair.

    Leave it to the indomitable Schrute clan to turn one of life’s most joyous occasions into something so uniquely grotesque. The fact that Dwight’s relationship with Angela is even marginally healthy continues to astound.

  • Michael : So how you doing? Excited?
    Phyllis : Yes, very.
    Michael : Me too. If, um, if you need to vomit, that is okay. I did.

    Well now, that’s comforting, and not disturbing at all.

  • Michael : Are you set on that hairstyle?
    Phyllis : I thought it was–
    Michael : Here, let me–
    Phyllis : Michael, no– I don’t need your help, thank you–
    Michael : Just cover up that bald patch–
    Phyllis : No, Michael, please– I just need some time alone.

    There are dozens of subjects you never, ever speak of to a bride on her wedding day; breaking wind, bald patches, and vomiting are most definitely in the top five.

  • Michael : You might be surprised to learn that I have only been to one other wedding.

    Actually, no. More surprised that he has been to any wedding at all.

  • Meredith : I thought you weren’t supposed to wear white to a wedding.
    Kelly : I know, but there was an emergency.
    [Cut to interview]
    Kelly : I look really good in white.

    There’s a not-so-fine line between white and full length white satin with a tiara. Ryan, thoughts?

  • Michael : Me walking Phyllis down the aisle was supposed to be the highlight of the wedding. And now, the wedding has no highlight.

    Oh, but it does; including, but by no means limited to the empty wheelchair lurching up the aisle and every single time Michael opens his mouth.

  • Angela : Congratulations, Phyllis. You look lovely. Your dress is very white. So white my eyes are burning.
    Phyllis : Thanks, Angela.

    For a second I thought Angela was going to claim white as the new whorish.

  • Dwight : Best of luck, Phyllis. Also, I’m going to need to see a copy of the guest manifest as well as photographs of the caterers.
    Phyllis : I don’t have that, Dwight.
    Dwight : Damn it, Phyllis!

    It’s okay, Dwight, just keep your eyes out for anyone who bears a striking resemblance to Owen Wilson and/or Vince Vaughn.

  • Michael : I do, I know a fair amount about fine food and drink. Um… [sniffs his wine glass loudly] This is a white.

    Good thing to know that if the paper industry ever does go bust Michael can fall back on his career as a sommelier.

  • Kevin : No, this is not our first wedding. This is the third wedding that Scrantonicity has played. We also played our bassist’s wedding, and our guitarist’s wedding.

    I think that’s how the Stones got their start.

  • Bob Vance : You’re outta here!
    Michael : Yeah– you‘re outta here– [commotion, then yelling] I hate you!

    Is there a pattern developing here or what?

  • [Dwight catches Michael trying to sneak back into the reception]
    Michael : Look, I just wanted to go in and quietly sit, and have a piece of cake. I’m not even gonna dance. One song, maybe.
    Dwight : You are a real-life wedding crasher, and I must bounce you. I’m sorry, it gives me no pleasure.

    Whatever had previously survived Michael’s swath of destruction would most certainly be obliterated the second he hit the dance floor.

  • Toby : Toby! Yeah!

    Boy, does he owe Ryan big time for that spectacular line of bouquet defense.

  • Michael : I just want Phyllis to have a great day.
    Uncle Al : Phyllis and you will be great together.
    Michael : We are great together. We are a great team.
    Uncle Al : The Celtics were a great team.
    Michael : Yes, yes… they were. Robert Parish. I should talk to her, I don’t want this to ruin her honeymoon.
    Uncle Al : Well, nobody ever helped me. I had to do it myself. Even the doctor didn’t know.
    Michael : Dude, keep it together. I listened to you for a half an hour, even though most of that stuff went right over my head.

    Remind me again who has the dementia here?

  • Phyllis : You found Uncle Al!
    Michael : Yeah, yeah, he’s kind of a weirdo.
    Phyllis : [kisses his cheek] Thank you, Michael.
    Michael : You’re– you’re welcome.

    I don’t care what Earl says, he should just stop with the list right now because Michael has effectively proven there is no such thing as karma.

  • Michael : They say that your wedding day goes by in such a flash, that you’re lucky if you even get a piece of your own cake. I say that’s crazy. I say, let them eat cake. Margaret Thatcher said that. About marriage. Smart broad.

    In real life, a lightening bolt would have fried him right on the spot.

Odds and Ends

  • Never has the science of Pavlov been put to such an impressive test. Altoid, anyone?
  • Like any good man of mystery, Creed always has something up his sleeve.
  • If Scrantonicity should consider taking on some fresh blood for their next world tour, Karen’s definitely got the magic.
  • No, Michael’s head bobbing in the window doesn’t affect the seriousness of the moment at all.
  • Phyllis better take seven weeks of honeymoon for that price… heck, make it eight.

The Story in Pictures

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This episode looks awesome! Ben Franklin was a bit of a letdown but a big set up towards this! Here's hope!

1Posted by Wedding Belle on February 8, 2007

Jam fans: Ask Ausiello is reporting that there will be a major set-back tonight for our two. Bummer! I was hoping that the moving strains of Pachabel's Canon in D would light a fire under them!

2Posted by Always a bridesmaid on February 8, 2007

Uh-oh, sounds like Ram might be revived....

3Posted by Pat D. on February 8, 2007

Here's to hoping

4Posted by Podd Tacker on February 8, 2007

Oh lord, was Scrantonicity awful. LOL. We need more eps with them in it.

5Posted by Pat D. on February 8, 2007

I can't believe RAM is back together, Jim is killing me (hypothetically speaking). Let's just hope pam is having a temporary relapse. Also, let's here is for (everything that is wrong with the paper industry) TOBY! (fistpump)

6Posted by Flenderson goin Mach 5 on February 8, 2007

one of the funniest things was when Michael was doing the wedding speech and said (cant remember exact quote) "Webster's Dictionary describes a wedding as a combining of two metals through the use of a torch"
great stuff tonight

7Posted by Underwood on February 8, 2007


Seeing Toby happy is always entertaining. RAM went a bit too far for me. Reminiscing together was fine, but they took it to the next level too quickly.

8Posted by JFernandes on February 8, 2007

Alright so I was v. excited for this episode to come about. I liked the tiny Jim and Pam moment at the bar when he called her cute and went into the hypothetical talking head.... But come on! This is the lonliest night that Pam is going to have since the break up and of course she's going to assume that Jim isn't available to her given the whole Karen situation.

If Roy and Pam do get back toghether... lol I am so mad about that I don't use Ram... Jim better come to and fess up.. Because Karen knows... Jim knows... everyone knows..

Yes, three cheers to Toby for bringing the gym chick... Congrats Mrs. Vance Refrigeration... gotta love how Kelly wore white... Michael was at his 'best' tonight..

Looking forward to next week... and please... oh please... do not let Roy back in... or let him back for an episode and then have him fall of the wagon...

...that is all... :)

9Posted by Sandi on February 8, 2007

Boo. I'm starting to think this season's finale is going to be exactly like last season's. Maybe this time Pam will be the one confessing, but I don't expect any JAM in the immediate future. That being said, the "hypothetically" talking head made my heart flutter.

10Posted by pavlovian on February 8, 2007

Probably the only one with this opinion, because everyone else seems bent on Pam & Jim regardless of practicality or anyone else, but I think the interplay between JAM is becoming tedious. I mean, Jim gazing wistfully at Pam, and vice versa, then looking away, then a forlorn talking head, was moving the first hundred times. It's boring now, not to mention silly... if they were that meant for each other, it would happen, right? I'm not saying close the door on them, but keep the possibility there without using the same technique every episode. Besides, I think the writers have done a great job humanizing Roy, who actually seems like a decent guy now, so RAM isn't so unbelievable anymore. In other news it's about time Toby got his.

11Posted by jatx on February 8, 2007

Jim is an idiot!!! He blatantly flirts with Pam when he has to know by now that he holds her heart in his hands, and then he gets mad when Pam decides to dull her pain with Roy? Jim, you deserve it... DROP KAREN already and just do what you've wanted to do for like six years now.

Anyway, i thought this was one of the greatest Michael episodes. That look into his past was somehow tragic, hilarious, and utterly revealing all at the same time. And what about Toby... good for him! Oh, and I dont know how many people caught this, but Kelly was definitely going to catch the bouquet and Ryan batted it away... classic!!

12Posted by Lan Jevinson on February 8, 2007

Hi, my first comment! Am new to the site and it is great! Loved the opening with Jim and Dwight and the Altoids! As far as JAM...I can hardly stand it! I sympathize with Pam being down and desperate at the wedding, but when she left with Roy, you could almost see a switch flip inside Jim's brain, and he immediately got sucked back into Karen.

13Posted by Doogie on February 9, 2007

Boo. Hisssss. Pam and Roy leaving together. Michael was way over the top. Not a good episode. Ryan batting away the bouquet was the best part.

14Posted by Thirsty Babies on February 9, 2007

Carrell is brilliant. I was worried that after the last few weeks, the writers were starting to tone down his act, but he was back with a vengeance last night. The shot of Michael's head, jumping up and down in the window, was awesome.

15Posted by Tom C. on February 9, 2007

You know, for all the Jam fans out there, (myself included), this was a bummer as it set us back some. But who hasn't been in the situation where we let ourselves be comforted by an ex? It's easier than going home alone sometimes. Plus, Roy really has been getting his shit together lately! Easy comfort and sex (I mean, I HOPE Pam got her groove on! Sister needs a little something!) doesn't mean the end of Jam.

The problem I have with this ep is with over-the-top, neurotic pathos Michael. I understand the neediness and the insecurtity, but when they go SO big and out of control it seems to become not real and more of a parody. He's a farce. The best Michael, for me, is the make-me-squirm reality of his delusions, low self-esteem, and his routine inanity.

16Posted by Always a bridesmaid on February 9, 2007

The minister saying, "Do you, Phyllis, take Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration...." LOL.

Dwight and Angela dancing outside. Sweet.

17Posted by Ronnie on February 9, 2007

I'm going to have to agree with everyone else who was disappointed with this episode. Michael WAS too over-the-top; I was pretty happy with how competent-yet-still-clueless he'd been lately. Andy seemed to bring out that side of him, and now Andy's gone.
Also, JAM is getting old! I want them to get together as much as anyone else, but it's getting stale and repetitive, which is sad. And yes, Jim has been letting me down with his flirting with Pam and then going back to Karen and yet being upset by Pam and Roy leaving together. Grr! Just commit to SOMETHING, man! Or, if Pam is so miserable and is determined to do nothing about it as far as Jim is concerned, maybe SHE should take a vacation, or start looking for another job. Seems like her life has hit a dead-end, and she should do something to help herself that doesn't revolve around Jim or Roy. Has anyone noticed that her "experimental stage" (new clothes, new dates, etc.) stopped when the branches merged?
And by the way, I do agree that Roy is being much nicer and more human, but I still don't trust him. I can't help wondering how much of it is contrived. Maybe he's sincere, but I still wonder.
What made me happiest in this episode was seeing Toby happy. Not to mention Dwight/Angela, the couple I'm beginning to cheer for more than Jim/Pam.

18Posted by Emily on February 9, 2007

Some very funny moments, though I thought Michael was a little over the top. When the father of the bride stands up to walk the rest of the way, and Michael feels completely betrayed and unappreciated, that was classic. The @#!! remark would have been enough, but the writers pushed too hard with him banging the wheelchair up the aisle. I like Michael's subtle insecurities and clueless, ignorant remarks, not the over-the-top rediculous behavior he's displayed in some episodes. Different taste in comedy, I suppose.

As for Pam, I wonder at some point if she will try and look for a new job. She's torturing herself every day watching Jim and Karen, not to mention her ex-fiance ( whom she knows she can't be happy with ) works in the same building and obviously is not going to give up on his relationship with Pam. If she does come clean with Jim, not only is she breaking up a good relationship ( at least from her point of view ), but she's created a firestorm at work between Jim and Roy. What to do......?

19Posted by Pajamaram on February 9, 2007

First, let me say that I am a Jimaren fan! O.k. I must be by myself since I just made that name up to communicate who I am routing for. But...

I agree with jatx in that this thing with Jam is getting silly and old. It's like, come on something. The only people I know that take this long to make a decision to move on or get it together is the teeny-bopper crowd. True adults realize that this is not funny, i need to make a decision so that my life can continue to progress on some level.

I am not 100% against Jam, more like 98% which is why I say like jatx, keep the door open but please write about something else for the time being.

On everyone else in this episode...AWESOME and FUNNY!

Go Michael!
Go Toby!
PLEASE Go Jim...with KAREN!
And go Stanley!!! Interracial Marriages ROCK!!!

20Posted by Steph R. on February 9, 2007

Toby was acting so Toby.
Roy and Pam getting back together sure will upset alot of Jim/Pam fans into killing the writers.
Michael wetting his pants as kid doesn't surprise me.
If I were Bob or Phyllis I probably wouldn't have told Michael about the wedding at all(or welding).
GREAT show overall plenty of action, unlike last week.

21Posted by Shep on February 9, 2007

Here's my theory...

Remember that drawing class that Jan wanted Pam to sign up for last season? I wondered why, after breaking up with Roy and Jim gone, Pam didn't pursue this earlier this season.

All the episode previews this last week on NBC have posed the question, "Will this be the week Pam decides to fight for love?" (obviously meaning will she fight for Jim's love) and based on the events of this episode, one would be inclined to think the answer was "No."

My theorty is that Pam has a secret plan in place. She doesn't seem to be the kind that would come out and take on Karen directly...she just plays to nicely with others for that. I think her plan is to do a bunch of little things to get Jim's attention, and then finish it off by leaving at the end of the season to take the artist internship!

Of course, I'm only a very recent inductee into The Office fandom, so I could be reading the characters' m.o.'s totally wrong.

BTW, Ryan batting away the bouquet was on of my favorite moments of the night!

22Posted by Blue Lightning on February 9, 2007

I'm an office fan......but the series seems like its starting to run out of steam a little bit. I hope it picks up again, the last few weeks have been kind of "eh". Micheal's slowly becoming a caricature of himself, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Jim and Pam is starting to get a little repetitive, especially now that Roy has been brought back into the situation. I was disappointed that the new additions to the cast were all written out so quickly. For me, season 2 was better than season 3 has been. More Jim/Dwight, less focus on Jim and Pam (but still good story), more supporting cast.

Last night's episode was still pretty good, but not great. Best episode of the series was the one a few weeks ago where they were all traveling salesman. Its been downhill from there.

23Posted by John on February 9, 2007

I've only watched a few minutes of this episode, because it's taking ages to load, but Jim's conditioning experiment was so funny!

24Posted by Cat on February 9, 2007

Ugh! I totally missed Ryan batting away the bouquet! I turned my head to talk to someone and then everyone is suddenly laughing and I turn and see Toby's date holding the bouquet and I went, 'That's not funny' which made them laugh more because they realized I missed it.

Okay Jam is really getting on my last nerve. I've been annoyed since Karen came along because it's like the writers thought, well we can't have them get together yet so lets just find Jim a Mary-Sue!

25Posted by Wedding Belle on February 9, 2007

Seems to me like this show is taking a serious dive. The last couple weeks have not been good at all. Of course, there were a few funny moments, but not nearly as many as in season two or even early season three. I am a serious Jim/Pam shipper and I'm actually getting bored of them, something I thought would never happen. I think the show can redeem itself if it focuses a little bit more on character development, maybe. Something about season two wasn't just about Jim pranking, but kind of why he did the pranks. I don't think I'm explaining it properly. I'm very tired. XD

I love Karen. I'm worried, though, that her addition has ruined some of the Jim/Pam dynamic since they hardly talk anymore. When they do talk, it's usually with a sting.

Okay, I'll try to be more direct: Jim/Pam needs a new angle so we can stop being annoyed/really angry with either or both characters. It needs to be made clear how much Roy is for real and how much is just for show, like the talking head he did during Ben Franklin.

I actually have hopes for this show yet, though, since the Phyllis wedding plot is pretty much over and will definetely be over by the next episode. Hopefully they have some new ideas for plots and punch lines. Also, Michael is going way overboard now. They seem to be trying to make up for the previous few episodes where he has been mature since hooking up with Jan.

I heard somewhere the show was given five seasons. I don't know if that's true, but it'll definetely not be good anymore by that time since Jim/Pam is already heading for a painful death. As someone I know said, 'While today it is me, we all shall fall.' I still can dream, though. Let The Office live on!

26Posted by Big Tuna on February 9, 2007

Seriously, who is a Jim/Karen fan?! I mean come on, people. We all know that Jim and Pam are meant to be together, at least all of the original fans know that. And now what is going on with Pam; falling back to the old ways of Roy? Just insanity.
Michael was wayy too over the top and obnoxious in this episode to the point of unbelief and where it wasnt really funny any more. That one point when he was jumping up and down to look through the window was funny though.
"Toby....yeeeah!" That was awesome, I was super happy for him. Good writing on that.
Not too bad of an episode, overall.

27Posted by Dingus Melingus on February 9, 2007

Something poignant about Karen singing "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic", possibly the quintessential unrequited love song.

28Posted by EdTruck on February 9, 2007

In defense of Jim. I think he and Pam belong together, but for chrissakes, how is Jim being a jerk? He put it on the line for Pam twice and she turned him down. He's trying to move on and while Pam knows that Jim likes/liked her, Jim's got NOTHING to work with. Nothing. He took the plunge with her, it's time for her to do the same. Hopefully the results will be different this time.

29Posted by Kyle on February 10, 2007

What about Creed putting his own card on someone else's wedding gift? Classic!

30Posted by Evan Almighty on February 10, 2007

Someone must mention "Let them eat cake." MARGARET THATCHER!!! ABOUT WEDDINGS!!!
Oh, Michael.

31Posted by S. on February 10, 2007

I am a bit baffled at the posts "pinning" this on Jim? Are you guys watching the same show as me? How many times does the guy have to put himself out there? Pam is a weak woman and pretty much just pathetic these days, and she's a lousy girlfriend to boot. Don't forget she cheated on her fiancee, canceled her wedding without even telling him one of the reasons why, and now is using him to feel better about her own failures, still without being honest about what happened. She did the same selfish thing with Jim last season just to make herself feel better.

Pam is a loser!

32Posted by Victoria on February 10, 2007

I didn't think Michael + wedding would be as bad as imagined But it was. Oh man, it was.

33Posted by Cecilia on February 10, 2007

I don't think Jamie even needs to post a recap. James already has adequately (and prophetically) encapsulated it in three words: Michael. Wedding. Bad.

34Posted by Nathan on February 10, 2007

Well, I don't think Pam cheated on Roy. Jim kissed her and she pushed him away. Pushing him away was her mistake.

35Posted by Kyle on February 10, 2007

Finally watched the whole episode - it was hilarious! It was really funny, I think maybe my favourite episode of this season, so far.

Karen pisses me off.

Pam - I totally get why she would leave with Roy. She likes Jim, he's with Karen, Roy's there and he likes her...

Phyllis - I thought Pam and Phyllis were sort of friends? What sort of friend would copy your whole wedding? Even if Pam and Roy's wedding fell through, I thought Phyllis would have had her own ideas, or at least realised that it would have made Pam remember her own memories of her wedding-to-be. But then, maybe Phyllis did it for a reason? Maybe she wanted Roy and Pam back together, and knew that her copycat wedding would be the catalyst to get them together again?

I don't know, I'm probably theorising too much, just the whole copycat wedding...was so strange.

36Posted by Cat on February 11, 2007

Phyllis didn't want Roy and Pam back together. She wants Jim and Pam together.

37Posted by Kyle on February 11, 2007

Well said, Nathan... I couldn't have put it better myself! Maybe add, "Roy. Wedding. Bad." and my work here is done.

38Posted by Jamie (the guest recapper) on February 11, 2007

EdTruck - I thought the same thing. It seemed like each Police song represented each moment perfectly...for example, Pam watching Jim and Karen dance to "I'll Be Watching You," and then Jim watching Pam leave during the same song? Perfect.

39Posted by Carly on February 11, 2007

Did someone say a Jim/Karen fan?? I am an original fan! I have all the DVDs 1 and 2!! Jim needs a devoted girlfriend that likes him back--he just needs to realize what he has and go for it! May not make good writing material-but would really make me happy!!

40Posted by Michael Himself on February 11, 2007

I wonder if Phyllis is going to introduce herself as "Phyllis Vance" now, first and last name every time..

41Posted by Sarah on February 11, 2007

1st time poster. BIG jam fan. i see jim like someone i know. not exactly highly evolved (only almost) and crippled by hurt. thus causing him to do dumb things. pam is trying to respect him in her hurt. so she goes to the next best thing, a warm body. i can SOOOO relate :)

42Posted by lisabethannm on February 11, 2007

"I dare you to find a worse wedding guest than Michael Scott."

Two words: Creed Bratton.

43Posted by Pat D. on February 12, 2007

Thanks, Jamie. I look forward to your recaps even though I have already watched the show.

Two questions I have not seen discussed. 1) Am I reading into the Pavlov cold open as a metaphor for Pam and Jim where Jim is the dog. It seemed Jim even realized it with the "Not hypothetical" TH. It must kill him that he has a great girlfriend who really likes him and all he can think of is Pam. 2) Why did Karen say to Pam in BF "Do you STILL have feelings for Jim"? Does Jim (or even the viewer) have any indication that Pam has romantic feelings for Jim? Would he have said that to Karen? Did Karen infer that and add that to question? I can see why Pam was confused by the wording.

44Posted by FNB on February 12, 2007

Yeah, Toby. Damn. And I didn't notice Ryan batting away the bouquet till the third time I watched it. And as for Roy, I completely agree with him being more humanized and sympathetic recently. He acts caring and considerate; pretty much not Roy any more. More like an insincere version of Jim. Ever date someone who's great except that they're just not the person you're really into? It'll drive you crazy. Ask Jim.

45Posted by Black Pepper Snake on February 12, 2007

Roy used to be both thoughtless and clueless (about Pam, at least). Being dumped by Pam hit him hard, and he's trying to be more thoughtful. But it's pretty obvious that he's still clueless. So I wouldn't say that he's insincere so much as he simply doesn't "get" Pam.

Pam, being the sort who always tries to find the good and overlook the bad in a person, will see this New and Improved Roy as a sign that maybe being with him wouldn't be so bad after all. But it will eventually become clear that he is in fact still clueless, and it will only hurt her in the end.

46Posted by Steve_OH on February 12, 2007

I don't know why some people are hating on Pam here. Have you even watched Season 2? Pam is one of my favorite characters. She is so realistic. She was unhappy in her relationship of 10 years. I can't blame her for being hesitant about breaking it off. And she was in love with Jim. Would you rather her stay with Roy and be treated wrong for the rest of her life? This episode, Pam was lonely and Roy came to her in her time of need. You can't blame her for leaving with him. She wanted to be feel wanted, something she definitely wasn't getting from Jim. I don't think we are watching the same show, Victoria.

I'm not blaming Jim or anything, either. I can see the logic and reason for both characters' actions.

I know, I know, we all have a right to our opinions, but I just had to stick up for Pam.

47Posted by Kerry on February 12, 2007

Also, I don't think the show's going under at all. And yes, I have been watching since the beginning.

This "Scranton Party" is just getting started!

48Posted by Kerry on February 12, 2007

I love Jim and Pam, and the thought of Jim and Pam being together as much as the next person, but it's just not right, not now. I like how both characters are right now. I don't know about too many real life instances where people ditch their dates at someone's wedding to live happily ever after with their unrequited love interest. It never happens that way. I like the current situation, as painful as it is.

Oh and the ryan scene? Absolutely perfect. :)

49Posted by Steph on February 12, 2007

Agreed, Steph. The timing's just not right now. I don't think the writers are dragging it out. We as avid fans often pride the show on how realistic it is. I think the writers are being totally realistic with the whole Jam situation. And apparently I'm one of the only people not getting tired of it. I still love Jam.

50Posted by Kerry on February 12, 2007

All I have to say in response to the Jim and Pam situation:

Those two are masters at the art of misinterpretation and miscommunication.

Great recap, Jamie :)

51Posted by OfficeAddict on February 12, 2007

I LOVE this show and I thank the creators and writers and actors for making it, but let's be honest. As well as making things 'real,' the non-consummation of JAM has evrything to do with keeping us obsessive fans tuned in and wanting more. Let's not overdo the praise for the writers holding back in the name of television vérité. They are also just trying to keep the paychecks coming. The biggest challenge will be when they finally let those two crazy kids hook up and then try to keep us viewers coming back.
Last season it seemed like most episodes had at least 30% of scenes with Jim & Pam interacting and that was fun because the acting chemistry between John & Jenna is a pleasure to watch. Now we only get a few seconds and we are supposed to thank them for that because it is
'so real.' Writers, give us more, please!! Even if they are just taking out the trash together!

52Posted by Cleo on February 13, 2007

Yes, I agree that 'insincere' was a bit too harsh on Roy for what I meant. I wasn't trying to say that he was just trying to fool Pam or anything. I think he really is trying to be the guy. And I don't blame him, I've wanted to be the guy before, but after a while you just take a step back and realize that you can't stretch that far. "You know what I find sexy? Pam’s art. She’s an artist. And I appreciate that. It’s very moving. And… sexy. The art." Really Roy? I seem to remember you being pretty down on art not too long ago.

53Posted by Black Pepper Snake on February 13, 2007

I enjoyed the episode. I absolutely love it anytime that Dwight smirks at the camera. However, I think the show is becoming less like a mockumentary and more like a sitcom. One of the things that sets this show apart from other shows is the realism. Granted, Jim and Pam still make their guarded comments about their relationships during the talking heads instead of out and out proclamations of love, but the situations are becoming more and more outlandish.

During the Christmas special of the British version, the characters talked about how their lives had changed from being on TV. David Brent was struggling with his ignorant boss persona. I would love it if our version included the characters watching the documentary that they are supposed to be a part of, and the wacky shenanigans that would undoubtedly ensue when their private thoughts are made public.

Just saying.

54Posted by Siddhartha Vicious on February 13, 2007

I was thought like the series finale or something was gonna be the documentary airing.

55Posted by Wedding Belle on February 14, 2007

I have to agree with many of the comments that this episode was a little sad and uncomfortable. Michael's self-esteem must be at an all-time low, and that is saying something. Michael has always been a person who is a little (okay, a lot) clueless, but I think the writers portrayed him as embecilic in this episode. From the pre-wedding talk with Phyllis, to the toasts, to his constant need to insert himself into every wedding photo, Michael came off as someone who purposefully intended to steal the spotlight away from Phyllis. I did enjoy Dwight and I thought Angela looked so sophisticated in her dress and pillbox hat. The Jim and Pam dynamic is really getting tired. Creed, Ryan, Kevin, Toby, yeah, Toby!! You guys are the true stars of this show!!

56Posted by dunderhead on February 14, 2007

Ya'll are CRAZY. They've hit a few bumps in the writing schemes, but that's nothing to get edgy about.
The show still rocks. And in any case there, is no reason not to watch it for laughs without the drama thing going on. Give it some time.

57Posted by Shep on February 14, 2007

It seems half the fans criticize The Office for not taking itself seriously enough, for going for the easy laughs; they are afraid that it's turning into just another sitcom.

The other half find it too dark and depressing and uncomfortable, and wish the characters would stop embarrassing themselves and making bad life choices, and just concentrate on being funny while projecting likeability (like, you know, The Brady Bunch). They wish the show would stop trying to be more than a sitcom.

The third half are quite happy with the show the way it is, and root for it to continue pushing in both directions as hard as possible, juxtaposing belly laughs and heartache, mindless farce and social criticism, neither sitcom nor soap opera. I happen to be part of that third half, and though I sometimes feel like I'm a half of one, I also feel that a show that's pissing so many people off must be doing something right.

58Posted by Cornelius on February 14, 2007

First of all Cornelius, get your fractions right. Third half? Secondly, I said the EPISODE was uncomfortable, not the entire show. I don't know how much research you did before posting your opinion, but I would suggest to you that of the posts from this episode, the consensus is that everyone loves the show but not everyone loved this episode for a variety of reasons.

59Posted by dunderhead on February 15, 2007

I'm too dejected about Jim and Pam at this point to focus on them. I can understand the mindset of both -- but especially empathize with Pam's insecurity and anxiety. It's all too frustrating, so I've decided to concentrate on the other characters to cope.

How hilarious was Angela's pill box hat! She looked like a psychotic Jackie Kennedy. Kelly insisting on wearing white ... what a freak she is. And Michael -- a Toastmaster legand in his own mind.

I hope Andy is back from anger management tonight ... I miss him!

60Posted by Metropolitan Orlando on February 15, 2007

I think it would be just fine if the writers did not get Jam togther. I watch Gilmore Girls and wanted so badly for Rory and her first love to end up together but after too much happened it was time to say good-bye. I think good writers just have to know when that time is. Anyway, enters Logan. A very cute, blonde with a great smile and lots of money...perfect for little Ms Perfect and the seasons have been gettting better and better.

I say Jim and Karen ROCK!

Two different show, yes, two different formats, yes, but the love interest equation can be done a number of ways. And though I write about these relationships (Jim and Pam, etc.) They are not why I watch the show. I watch the show because of Steve Carrell (sp.), Rainn Wilson, Mindy Kaling and that cutie John Krasinski. Pure talent and GREAT humor!!

61Posted by Steph R. on February 15, 2007

This is a little off topic but i thought it was hilarious when dwight thought he was cool when he shoved michael out the door

62Posted by robert on February 15, 2007

I'm going to get t-shirts make up that say "third half".

No one will know what the hell I'm talking about, except the truly cool.

63Posted by Black Pepper Snake on February 20, 2007