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Thursday16 November 2006

I’ve got some very exciting news for you folks today. First of all, I’d like everyone to join me in welcoming the wonderfully talented Jamie Harris to the writing ranks here at Northern Attack. Jamie, who many of you may remember from her impressive Office desktops, will be handling the recapping duties in my absence starting with this week’s episode, The Merger. Jamie is as talented a writer as she is an artist, a fact which I’m sure will become immediately evident once you’ve had a chance to read her excellent Diwali recap. To the rest of you who offered to help with writing duties: your generosity is much appreciated, and I will be sure to look you up in the future if I need help once again.

On top of this already fantastic news, I’d like you all to say hello to your new forum moderators: Nathan, J1, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Mixed Berries. They should be familiar names to those of you who frequent The Watercooler, an all-star team of sorts. Look for the bright MOD badge next to their comments, and please show them at least as much respect as you show me (and more, if you’d like).

I’m looking forward to having all of you fine folks on board.

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Thanks for stepping up, new volunteer forum deputies. No badge for me, but I was tempted. We'll try not to make your lives too hard. (I have a sudden urge to post something inappropriate on every thread... to see who blasts me first. Moderator competitions!)

And thanks, Jamie, for being special guest recapper. Nice job on Diwali and your site is great (I'm a freelance designer too.) Looking forward to your musings on The Merger.

1Posted by garbagethrower on November 16, 2006

Thank you. Where do I send the bribe?

2Posted by Adriana on November 16, 2006

Hurrah! I can die happy :p

3Posted by Word. on November 16, 2006