Stupendous Office Loot

Wednesday10 May 2006

Congratulations to Lori for coming out on top during the recent NBC / Universal All-Star Charity Auction. Lori was kind enough pass along this shot of her winnings, which, might I add, are stupendously awesome.

Stupendous Office Loot

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Display it proudly.

Lori has been a strong supporter of the show and of Northern Attack since it first launched. I consider her to be something of a charter member here at NA, and I can think of no other person more deserving of receiving these wonderful items. I’m glad they ended up in her hands.

As a final note, Lori would like to thank Jennie over at OfficeTally for posting a reminder of the auction on her constantly updated, always dependable calendar of upcoming events.

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Wow! Thank you, James, for the huge write-up. I am honored to possess these great Office treasures and I'm glad I could share the picture of my winnings with all of my fellow Office fanatics here on Northern Attack.

If you click on the picture, you can see that NA is on my computer. Like what else would be? Thanks, James, for the continued awesomeness of NA and for giving me a moment of Internet fame. I appreciate it and couldn't be happier.

1Posted by Lori on May 10, 2006

Nice job, Lori! I'm sooo happy for you!

Wonderful to see these goodies were won by a devoted Office and Northern Attack fan.

And I'm glad that the OT Calendar could be of service. :)

2Posted by tanster on May 10, 2006

Lori, who all signed the DVD case?

3Posted by Jennie on May 10, 2006

Sweeeet, Lori! Congrats!

4Posted by Trent on May 10, 2006

Dammit, theres no autographed bra from Pam. ;-)

5Posted by Pat D. on May 10, 2006

That is just amazingly cool. Love Steve Carell's signature -- the loops, the curves, sort of left brain right brain, or duality of man.

6Posted by tad gupty on May 10, 2006

Ha! Thanks, guys. As for the signatures, I have yet to decipher all the names but I know there are a lot of them! Some are under the plastic cover and some are on top.

Pat D., nope, no autographed bra from Pam. That would be inappropriate :-P

7Posted by Lori on May 11, 2006

OMG! I was just rewatching the Christmas Party episode and in the very first shot, we see Pam stuffing the Dunder Mifflin Christmas cards into envelopes. I just realized that it is the exact same cast photo that I have as part of my "Stupendous Office Loot." Wow, that is so cool.

8Posted by Lori on May 19, 2006

Congratulations, Lori! What a treasure. I covet your official script for The Office. For an aspiring TV writer like myself it would answer countless questions regarding Office specific formatting. How do they notate the talking head moments? How do they label the different shot locales within the office? Man, I'd love to get a peak. Would such a thing be possible? I'd be eternally grateful for a copy of a copy of a copy. You would be my hero forever and ever.

9Posted by Todd (Et tu Schrutus?) on July 29, 2006


Lori, I was just trying to figure out a way to promote my "Promote Madge" petition, when I find out you're famous for the awesome Office Collection you've designed 4 ur blog! Stupendous Office Loot is a gross understatement of the Office Art Museum you're blog has become!

You're the best!


10Posted by Lisa(The Office Maniac) on August 15, 2006