The Eagle Has Landed

Wednesday29 March 2006

Kathie from Give Me My Remote sends word that our Supersized Office package was sent off to NBC/Universal during her recent stay in Los Angeles. The delivery itself consisted of a printout of the petition in its entirety (all 400+ pages of it) packaged within an oversized french fry container. And get this: the concierge at the hotel where Kathie was staying asked about the huge french fry container, and when Kathie mentioned the petition, the concierge actually knew about it and had already signed it! If that isn’t ridiculously cool, I don’t know what is. Thanks to everyone for participating and to Kathie for putting everything together. That said, the online petition is still going strong. Stop by and chime in with your thoughts if you haven’t done so already.

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That is SO cool! Yay Kathie!

1Posted by tanster on March 29, 2006

Nice delivery Kathie! I'm impressed. One question though: Where does one go about getting an oversized fry container?

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2Posted by David on March 29, 2006

what does the french fry container mean?

oh! Supersized. but they got rid of that promotion.

3Posted by John D'arc on March 31, 2006