• Season 2 : Episode 13
  • First aired on January 19, 2006
  • Written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky / Directed by Dennie Gordon
  • Recap by James Fan
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  • Thanks to Jennie for editing assistance.

Spring cleaning at Dunder-Mifflin reveals more than just old papers and dusty records. Jim spends the majority of his day at Michael’s side in hopes of containing his feelings towards Pam, a secret that Michael vows to protect for as long as he possibly can, which turns out to be not nearly as long as it should have been. Meanwhile, Dwight makes a discovery of his own about Oscar, but is too Dwight-ish to realize it.

The Michael Scott School of Hard Knocks

After watching Michael run his karma into the dirt last week, we see him making amends during The Secret. Or attempting to, at least, which with Michael is all you can really hope for.

Michael : Jim and I are great friends. We hang out a ton… mostly at work. But the fact that told me his secret and no one else says everything about our friendship, and it is why I intend on keeping that secret… for as long as I possibly can.

A Michael Scott promise is no different than a Michael Scott lie.

Dwight Being Dwight

I’ve always wondered what sort of selection process allows someone like Dwight to practice anything even remotely resembling law enforcement.

Dwight : As a volunteer sheriff’s deputy, I’ve been doing surveillance for years. One time, I suspected an ex-girlfriend of mine of cheating on me, so I tailed her for six nights straight. Turns out, she was… with a couple of guys, actually, so…  [Takes a bite out of his sandwich]. Mystery solved.

Let’s hope Angela isn’t fooling around with anyone else right now.

The Many Faces of Jim

If there ever were a showcase episode for Jim, this is most certainly it. I had a very difficult time watching him lie to himself.

Jim : Yeah, on the booze cruise I… told Michael about some feelings I used to have for Pam. I… had just broken up with Katy, and… had a couple of drinks, and I confided in the world’s worst confidant.

The funny thing is I’m not sure he had much of a choice. Although it’s been established that Jim is well-liked by just about everyone else in the office, he isn’t really that close to any of them except for Pam. Toby would have made a great go-to guy, but he conveniently misses out on the cruise. A conversation with Kevin, as entertaining as it might have been, probably would not have been all that emotionally fulfilling. Phyllis would have done some good, but I imagine Jim was looking to share his dilemma with a fellow guy. With that in mind, the selection diminishes considerably, leaving Michael, who despite his many failings, still represents an authority figure, albeit an incredibly poor one at times.

Confessions of a Receptionist

It’s good to see Dwight and Pam back at odds with one another.

Dwight : [Rummages through Pam’s jelly bean bowl]  Who took all the black ones?
Pam : That’s a communal bowl.
Dwight : So, how did Oscar sound when he called in?
Pam : Sick. Like, lots of sniffling, I don’t know.
Dwight : Sniffling? How?
Pam : Um… how many different ways are there to sniffle?
Dwight : Three.
Pam : Ok, it was the second one.
Dwight : Ok, good, thank you. That wasn’t so hard now, was it?
Pam : Mmm-mm.  [Waits for Dwight to leave, then empties the bowl into the trash]

The look of disgust on Pam’s face as she dumps the bowl into the trash is exactly the type of reaction you would expect from someone who had just had their jelly bean bowl violated.

The Jim/Pam Index

At the risk of stating the obvious, when you really get down to it, there are two reasons why people watch this show: one is to laugh really, painfully hard, and the other is to see how things unfold between Jim and Pam. I used to assume that the people who insisted that they watched for the first reason alone were denying the appeal of the second to protect their own image. I mean, can anyone really watch the two of them and honestly not feel a thing? I’ve since then come to realize, however, that there are people who geuninely watch the show for the humor alone and couldn’t care less about what happens between Jim and Pam.

That said, I think it says a great deal about the credibility of this particular television relationship when you can rally support among both ladies and gentlemen as it has done so effectively. Most self-respecting guys wouldn’t be caught dead singing the praises of unrequited love, and, yet, it’s ok for them to admit that they want to see Jim and Pam together. And not just admit, but admit publicly. That’s a pretty hefty distinction and a sure sign that the people upstairs are doing something right.

With that out of the way, buckle up, because we’ve got a lot to get through.

Jim : Hey, uh, listen. Um… I… told Michael on the booze cruise–it’s so stupid. Um… I told Michael that I … had had a crush on you when you first started here.
Pam : Oh.
Jim : Well, I just thought that–I figured you should hear it from me… rather than, I mean, you know Michael.
Pam : Right…
Jim : And, seriously, it’s totally not a big deal, ok?
Pam : [Nods her head]
Jim : And when I found out that you were engaged, I mean..
Pam : No, I–I know, like I kind of… like I… I thought that maybe you did… when I first started.
Jim : Oh, you did?
Pam : No, I mean, just ’cause we, like, got along so well.
Jim : Oh, yeah. No… yeah, you saw through me. Great.

Notice how careful he is in delivering his confession. Every other sentence is an assurance meant to deflect her attention away from the real heart of the matter; he wants her to believe that it’s a thing of the past, and, more importantly, he needs to convince himself that he’s capable of moving on. Denial can only get you so far, however, and although it may have been enough to conceal the truth behind his words, the body language is a dead giveaway for those of us with access to a pause button.

Pam : [Laughs]  So, are you gonna be like totally awkward around me now?
Jim : Oh, yeah.
Pam : [Laughs]
Jim : Yeah. Hope that’s ok.
Pam : Mm-hmm.  [Walks away]
Jim : And Pam…
Pam : [Turns around]
Jim : It was like three years ago, so… I am totally over it.
Pam : Cool.
Jim : Ok.

This show is fantastically shot. Had it not been for that final glimpse of Jim filling his coffee mug in silence, this moment would have felt incomplete. The lingering shot gives the scene a touch of loneliness as we get the sense that the unfortunate truth is finally sinking in for Jim.

Pam : Are you ok?
Michael : Yeah, I’m fine. Look, about you and Jim, I–
Pam : Oh no, that’s–you don’t have to–
Michael : I, no, I just feel it’s my responsiblity as your boss-slash-friend…
Pam : No, it’s really–it’s ok. Um, I know that Jim, like, had a crush on me when he first started, but that was a long time ago, so…
Michael : It wasn’t that long ago. It was on the booze cruise.
Pam : Jim had a crush on me on the booze cruise, or he told you about it on the booze cruise?
Michael : Uh-uh. Ok… shut it, Michael. I’m done, that’s it. I’m out.

At first glance, Jim’s actions seem inconsistent, especially when prefaced with Michael’s words of encouragement after Jim reveals his secret. I do believe that there was hope for Jim after Booze Cruise, and had he been able to operate on his own terms, we would almost certainly be witnessing a completely different series of events; however, circumstances force him to concede a premature defeat. Jim strikes me as the type of person who thinks very deeply about the consequences of his actions. It isn’t simply a matter of risk, which I actually think he’s prepared to take; no, for him, it’s more about being in control of the situation and knowing what to expect. It is a philosophy that protects him from harm, and one that complicates these matters greatly. It’s why he pocketed the Christmas card at the last second after the unexpected Yankee Swap, and it’s why he chooses to withhold the truth from Pam now. Both were instinctive reactions to events that were no longer in his control.

If not for Michael, the chances of a happy ending for Jim and Pam would have fallen deeper out of the realm of possibility, but he emerges yet again as the unlikely hero. He comes dangerously close to disclosing Jim’s true feelings to Pam, and although he catches himself at the last second, he reveals just enough for her to infer the truth. Before, it was always up to Jim to do the heavy lifting. It was his move to make, his opportunity to lose. Pam had too much to lose to entertain an uncertain future with Jim, as compelling as it may have been. Now that she knows how Jim feels, part of the responsibility to act shifts to her. In fact, one could argue that we’ve witnessed a reversal of roles and that the onus is on her to act now, especially now that Jim has expended himself.

The optimist in me wants to rate the JP Index for The Secret at Even, but the realist in me knows that you don’t go through what Jim’s gone through without taking a few steps back. I am confident that Pam will come through, but there is significant work to be done here before we can safely put Jim back into the picture. Still, there is that scene in the elevator; that look she gives him is simply too loaded to ignore. I can’t do it.

The realist in me is a pansy. Even it is.

Supporting Nod

Creed has really made a name for himself over the past few episodes.

Kevin : Jim has got it bad for Pam.
Creed : Ahhh, which one is Pam?

I guess you can’t be expected to know everyone’s name in the office, but the receptionist? I mean, I know you’ve spent half of the past thirty years drugged up, but she’s practically at the front door. How can you not know her name?

The Superstar

Jim, who gives us no choice but to rally behind him. He is infallible over the course of this episode in every way except for the one that matters the most, but thanks to some unexpected help, it turns out to be just enough.

Transmissions from the Office

  • Jim : Is it me, or does it smell like updog in here?
    Michael : What’s updog?
    Jim : Nothing much, what’s up with you?

    The aftermath of this as Michael attempts to duplicate Jim’s success is hilarious.

  • Michael : They say a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind. Well, I say an empty desk means an…
    Dwight : … empty mind.
    Michael : No, that’s not–no, that’s not what I was gonna say.

    It may not have been what he was going to say, but I guarantee it was what he was thinking. At least he caught himself this time.

  • Dwight : Angela, kitchen. Oscar, dusting. Where is Oscar?
    Angela : He’s out sick.
    Dwight : That is unacceptable.
    Angela : I agree, it’s unacceptable.
    Dwight : [Gazes suggestively at Angela]
    Angela : [Returns Dwight’s suggestive gaze with one of her own]
    Kevin : What are guys doing?

    Smoldering. I feel dirty just looking at them looking at each other.

  • Michael : Heard you were under the weather.
    Oscar : Yeah, I think I came down with the flu.
    Michael : Really? Oh, that is a shame. You know it’s cleaning day here today? Coulda used some of that famous Hispanic cleaning ethic.

    Wow, what a mind-blowingly inappropriate thing to say. That, sir, is not what it means to be a hero.

  • Dwight : Listen, temp, I am conducting a little investigation, so I am no longer going to be able to head up spring cleaning. Do you think you can handle it?
    Ryan : Yeah, I think I can handle it.
    Dwight : Do you think, or do you know?
    Ryan : I think.
    Dwight : Oh God, here.

    Perspective is something Dwight could use more of.

  • Michael : So, uh, what’s 411? Any updates on the, uh, the P situation?
    Stanley : [Fiddles around with the vending machine]
    Jim : I don’t know what you mean.
    Michael : P-A-M.
    Jim : Yeah, I know.
    Michael : P-A…
    Jim : Uh!
    Michael : M…
    Jim : Ok.
    Michael : No, it’s ok, we’re talking code.

    Contrary to popular opinion, spelling out someone’s name does not, in fact, protect their identity. Damn literates.

  • Michael : Fact, Jim and I talk all the time. We tell each other secrets.
    Dwight : Ok, so what is the secret, Michael?
    Jim : Um…
    Michael : Well, I–
    Jim : I had asked Michael if I could head up the Oscar investigation, and he said that only Dwight was capable of handling such sensitive material.
    Dwight : Is that true?
    Michael : Um… I–I dunno. Ye–uh…. yeah? Yeah, it is.
    Dwight : Thank you, Michael. I know you’re telling the truth. I can tell. I won’t let you down.

    This coming from the man who proclaims to know all there is to know about separating the lies from the truth.

  • Michael : I’m his boss, actually, and I treat him well. I’m taking out to lunch, because I can afford it, and he can have whatever he wants.
    Jim : Can I just have the ham and cheese sandwich?
    Dana : Great.
    Jim : Thanks.
    Dana : And for you?
    Michael : Tell me Dana, how is your chicken breast?
    Dana : Oh, it’s great. It’s served with our world famous wing sauce.
    Jim : [Shakes his head, signaling Michael to stop]
    Michael : Mmm… sounds yummy. I will have a chicken breast, hold the chicken.
    Jim : Ugh…

    I’m pretty sure jokes like this are illegal in 48 out of the 50 states.

  • Michael : What do you like best about Pam?
    Jim : Uh, I really don’t want to talk about it.
    Michael : Is it her legs? Her boobs? Her…
    Jim : Um… she’s easy to talk to, I guess. And uh, she’s got a really good sense of humor.
    Michael : Really?
    Jim : M-hmm.
    Michael : Never gets any of my jokes.
    Jim : What about you?
    Michael : Her boobs, definitely.
    Jim : Wow, that’s not what I meant.

    Whoever said honesty is the best policy obviously never met Michael Scott.

  • Ryan : If I had to, I could clean out my desk in five seconds, and nobody would ever know I had ever been here. And I’d forget, too.  [Sighs]

    Witness depression in its purest form.

  • Michael : Expenses.
    Kevin : Michael, is that a wig?
    Michael : No! It’s… I wear it like that sometimes. Is that a wig?
    Kevin : [Looks up to his own head]  No–
    Angela : This is from Hooters!
    Michael : Yeah, it’s a business lunch.
    Angela : Did Toby approve this?
    Michael : No, he did not. I don’t need his permission.

    I literally could not stop laughing at this point. Oh man, it hurts so good.

  • Toby : I’m not processing this.
    Michael : Look, Jim… needed a relaxing lunch. He has been depressed, and it has been affecting his productivity. How is that not work related?
    Toby : He seems fine to me.
    Michael : You’re not his friend, you don’t know. He is in love with a girl he works with who’s engaged, so cut me some slack, please.
    Kelly : Pam?!

    Could you be a little more specific?

  • Phyllis : Angela, who would you choose? Jim or Roy?
    Angela : It’s nobody’s business, Phyllis… Roy.

    I’m pretty sure Dwight would have something to say about this.

  • Dwight : Guess what I found out about Oscar tonight? He was lying about being sick. Should I have reported Oscar’s malfeasance? Hmm, probably, but now I know something he doesn’t want me to know, so I can use his malfeasance to establish leverage. Otherwise, it’s just malfeasance for malfeasance’s-s sake.

    Dwight, Dwight, Dwight…

  • Jim : [Walks into Michael’s office]  Hey.
    Michael : I know. I know, I know.
    Jim : Um… what happened?
    Michael : I… ohhh, just, um… I was trying–just, the expense reports, and then… god, Toby, you know, he just… I know, I just… I just hope that…  [Blubbers]  I just hope that this doesn’t affect our friendship! Stupid.. this is so stupid.
    Jim : Hey, hey, whoa. Whoa. Listen, man, it’s… you know what, it’s not a big deal.
    Michael : Yeah, ok.
    Jim : It’s gonna be fine.
    Michael : I’m fine. Yeah, I know, I know, I’m good. It’s just…
    Jim : Look… it’s one day, everything’s gonna be alright.
    Michael : Yeah.
    Jim : Big deal. You good?  [Pats Michael on the back]
    Michael : Yeah, I’m good.  [Hugs Jim around the waist]
    Jim : Ok.

    Michael is every transcriber’s worst nightmare.

  • Ryan : Creed, did you organize the menu book?
    Creed : Oh, I thought that was more on a volunteer basis.
    Ryan : No… that was mandatory.
    Creed : Oh, I thought it was a volunteer thing.

    Devon couldn’t possibly have been any lazier than this.

Odds and Ends

  • The jury’s still out on who’s less of a human sieve: Michael or Kelly.
  • Being at the receiving end of one of Michael’s jokes is right on par with getting hit by a sledgehammer.
  • The combination of a gay Hispanic is enough to make Michael’s head explode. Let’s hope he never finds out about Oscar.

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Oh! No! Yikes.

1Posted by Graham on January 19, 2006

Is it Sweeps Week and nobody told me?

2Posted by Graham on January 19, 2006

wow what a groundbreaking episode...Oscar's gay, pam finds out about Jim's crush and we learn that Michael knows how to do beginner's magic lol. This episode proves that The Office can not only do witty comedy, but also provide in depth story lines with amazing realism. love the line where dwight's talking about malfeasances...not even gonna TRY to quote it

3Posted by matt from montana on January 19, 2006

MICHAEL MESSED UP HIS HAIR TO LOOK MORE LIKE JIM! (Very sorry for the all caps, but I couldn't help but scream that. I nearly died from laughing.)

4Posted by bp on January 19, 2006

So... those were some crazy vibes zipping back and forth between Dwight and Angela during that "unacceptable" exchange.

A loaded episode, for sure. It's going to be great to see how all of this plays out.

5Posted by James on January 19, 2006

hahaha god this episode was fantastic..
oscar's GAY huh! i'm pretty sure NONE of us saw that coming.
it was also funny when kelly asked pam if she could be a bridesmaid and she was gonna say NO! haha.
aww jim and pam..

Jim: hey, mike.
Michael: heyyy, jimbag.

can't wait for a recap. GET ON IT!

6Posted by Jay K. Cagatay on January 20, 2006

I'm surprised the writers exposed Jim's thing for Pam. It would've been fun to see a couple more episodes with Michael hanging out with Jim before Michael spilled the beans.

7Posted by Brian on January 20, 2006

The upcoming episodes look great with the "Carpet" and " Boys and Girls". (See the nbc site or tv.com.) Any episode with Michael trying to be popular or trying to fit in are great. The secret needed a little more Dwight, and alot more of Pam and Jim, something should of came from Pam's side at the end of the episode, like she should of said something in the elevator to hint and let Jim know that she does feel something or alot for him. I guess I'm just really depressed for Jim.
For those wanting the Pam/Jim thing to be dragged out for a long as possible, I think you'll get your wish. By the way this site needs a message board, I don't want to go anywhere else and talk about the office. Northern Attack is the place to be for the office.

8Posted by Todd Packer on January 20, 2006

Love that Michael got his corporate credit card taken away. [snerk] Toby is awesome.

Michael's hair made me laugh the hardest, though. Such a sad, sad man.

Love. It.

9Posted by otahyoni on January 20, 2006

The Oscar thing wasn't a complete surprise, as any good writing uses foreshadowing. Check out Halloween if you think differently.

10Posted by Graham on January 20, 2006

Yeah, but in "The Fire," Oscar said he would 'do' Pam. Oooh, that sneaky gay man...

11Posted by JP on January 20, 2006

I have to agree with Graham, I saw the Oscar being gay thing coming the minute the Halloween episode aired. Especially with Michael's pointed comment. Still, fantastic.

And anguished elevator looks always make for good tv.

12Posted by Stephanie on January 20, 2006

I love this show, I can't wait for Thursday anymore. I've rearranged my schedule so I will be home on Thursday nights so I don't miss a thing. If this show doesn't make it you can't blame the writers or the actors, they are all fantastic. At our office cooler that's all we talk about. We hope the writers in future shows have a reason to dress up Pam...she looked beautiful at the Golden Globes.

13Posted by Jim on January 20, 2006

Michael fixing his hair to look like Jim's cracked me up! Dwight is so naive. Did he not realize that Oscar is gay? I can see on a later episode Dwight driving Oscar crazy about this "secret" to where he comes out of the closet.

14Posted by Amber on January 20, 2006

Wow, what an episode. Let all other episodes be like this one! Amazing acting, and the tention, oh man. Can't wait til next Thursday!

15Posted by Chloe on January 20, 2006

I agree, the hair impersonation part was too funny. I know just how you feel, Jim: Thursday nights are sacred to me. This show has the curiously awesome property of always seeming longer than it actually is: each segment between commercials is only 7-10 minutes, but they always feel like 15. Must be magic!

Now, if only we had a water cooler at work...

16Posted by James on January 20, 2006

Another funny thing I only caught on the rewatch: The music playing in the Hooters is "Tempted". Quite appropriate.

17Posted by Graham on January 20, 2006

i agree with a lot of things here. First, yes Thursday is sacred. The Office has finally filled that void for me that i got when Seinfeld stopped airing. Graham, good catch on that song...I watched the replay...how very fitting....And finally, Northern Attack is the best Office fansite. With. Out. Question. ...my favorite part of the episode is when jim and pam are talking and Kevin just looks at the camera and goes: "Niiiiiiiiiice". Just like when jan and michael are talking in Performance Review. Brian Baumgarten is a great actor...They should give him more lines!!

18Posted by matt from montana on January 20, 2006

OK, now I love Pam, but WHAT WAS THAT RESPONSE to the big news? "I kind of... like I... I thought that maybe you did." I kind of THOUGHT THAT MAYBE YOU DID? You cannot throw the poor guy a BONE? For one glorious second, I thought she was going to be honest with herself, but no.

I also have to comment on Angela's AWESOME look at the retreating Michael after Kelly guesses correctly.

Overall, this episode just broke my heart, I couldn't even watch it again straightaway like usual.

19Posted by Elly on January 20, 2006

And about Oscar... I thought of that line in "The Fire", too. Kevin said, "Pam" and IMMEDIATELY Oscar said "Pam". At the time I thought it was just a little out of character, but now it seems hilarious that he was probably really nervous at that question and just decided to jump on the bandwagon of the first female who was proposed.

20Posted by Elly on January 20, 2006

I think it's hilarious that Creed was spared his job because he convinced Michael that Devon was lazy. We don't really know much about Devon, but it's obvious how lazy Creed is. I love the subtle things that the writers put in. I think it's also funny that in every episode they now make reference to Meredith's drinking habbits.

21Posted by Christina on January 20, 2006

I also laughed till I hurt when Michael fixed his hair to look like Jim's. Also, Kevin's remark about it being a wig, after all the talk about Steve Carell's miraculous hairgrowth over the show's hiatus.

I think it's funny how much Jim is trying to play off how much in the past the crush is. The fact that he emphasized it so much, made it all that much more tantalizing when Pam heard from Michael that that was not the case.

Also loved the "I'd like the chicken breast, hold the chicken part." And what a geek Michael is, going on and on about how he can afford to take JIm out to lunch, they trying to get reimbursed for it! lol.

Guess Michael was right on target with "bet you wish you could dress like this everyday" comment to Oscar. :) Can't wait for the next one.

22Posted by Linds on January 21, 2006

I didn't think the episode lived up to "Booze Cruise" which was so strong and had a sense of hope on th Jiim/Pam relationship - I just wished Michael just told Pam what Jim said on the cruise and we can all smile and think that Michael saved the day after all - but if Michael did blurted it, the relationship would be fulfilled ... and that would be terrible because then it would all come too easily. And Michael thought he should of had stopped right there because he already caused enough trouble for Jim already.

I think the quote of the episode was Kevin's remark about Michael's hair being messed up. It went something like, "Michael, are you wearing a wig?" And the way Kevin talks - haha. It just cracks me up.

But anyway, still a good episode. And I was surprised that Oscar was gay!

23Posted by Marcy on January 21, 2006

I totally disagree. I thought this episode was much stronger than "Booze Cruise." In fact, I thought it was pretty evident that there WAS a sense of hope at the end. The look on Pam's face when Michael spills the beans. She's realizing that Jim still might like her. And the way she looks at him differently as they're walking to the elevator. And the look she gives him as the elevator doors are closing. I'd say that in many ways, this was the MOST HOPEFUL episode.

I also thought this was closer to what I love about this show than, say, The Injury, which was funny, but too crazy.

This episode was firing on all cylinders. It was absolutely hilarious and also had a lot of heart. Best episode of the season so far.

24Posted by jay on January 22, 2006

Wow, I'm so happy the recap is up! It's become something like the cherry on the cake to read the recap here on NA after my many viewings of each week's ep. I just want to say great job with the Jim/Pam index. There was A LOT going on in this ep and you managed to hit on all the important stuff. The dunderball is in Pam's court... can't wait to see how this plays out.

25Posted by Kars on January 23, 2006

Did anyone else notice that Jim ordered the same exact lunch at Hooters that he had brought from home to eat? A ham and cheese sandwich.
Ya gotta love that boy.

26Posted by Lori on January 23, 2006

Jim also thanks the waitress by her name when they're done with the birthday thing. Tiny detail, but very Jim.

27Posted by Katie on January 23, 2006

So now we know that Angela would choose Roy over Jim.

Come to think of it, Roy chose Angela in the "who would you do" game during "The Fire."


28Posted by Jennie on January 23, 2006

My thoughts on the recap:

  • The J/P Index can't possibly be negative... though I guess they're less of friends now, this kind of thing needed to happen for anything else to anyway -- there was definite inertia and something needed to be a catalyst for something to happen before the wedding, when it would be too late. Sure, it wasn't well-orchestrated on Jim's part, but that just brings it down to even, no?
  • About Michael being "dangerously close to disclosing Jim's true feelings," sure, if Michael knew what we do, he would have answered that Jim still had a crush on the Booze Cruise. But you have to remember that Michael is not good at inference, and taking into account exactly what he heard from Jim, he would have been correct to respond that he was just told about it on the Booze Cruise. So it's not Michael catching himself as much as screwing up again -- though somehow, in this situation, it was for the best.
  • I thought it might be possible that, since Dwight and Jim are always at odds, that might have made Angela feel more favorable towards Roy. Just an idea.
  • When Michael and Jim are talking at the Hooters, I can't quite pin down what Jim meant when he said "What about you?" There's no other question there he could be referring to...I just assume he meant to ask Michael about his romantic situation in general, but this is one of those times where I can see how Michael says what he does.
  • Kelly has at least a bit more of a reason for her ignorance of the J/P situation -- as we know from next week's synopsis, she doesn't face in that direction...and she doesn't come through that area much so far during the series either.

    And just a hunch, but I bet the "favor" Oscar owes Dwight might take advantage of his desk's proximity to Angela. I dunno. It's possible.

29Posted by Graham on January 23, 2006

I missed that "up dog" joke at the beginning of the show. How did it go?

30Posted by Amber on January 23, 2006

Todd and matt, thank you. And don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the demand for a message board.

Thanks, Kars. You're right, there was a lot going on in that department. I think I might have gone overboard.

Amber, I've added the "updog" joke to Transmissions.

Finally, Graham, you brought up some great points:

  • Regarding the JP Index, let's just say that it was very cl0se. We finally got the ball rolling from Pam's side of things, which is fantastic, but it's going to take her some time to work up the head of steam necessary to act on this knowledge. I agree that what happened here will turn out to be good in the long run, but taken as a single episode, I just don't think that what we saw from her was enough to offset the beating that Jim's taken.

    But damn, that look in the elevator was something, wasn't it? I can feel myself caving... Ah, hell, it's got to be Even.

  • Technically, Jim tells Michael that he "used to have a big thing for Pam", but I think it's pretty clear that Michael realizes that he still likes her. Michael can be oblivious at times, but given his advice to Jim at the end of Booze Cruise and his behavior during The Secret ("He is in love with a girl he works with who's engaged"), I'd say it's a safe bet that Michael knows that Jim is still into Pam. Thus, Michael's answer to both of Pam's questions is yes: yes, Jim had a crush on her on the booze cruise, and yes, Jim told him about it on the booze cruise; the former is properly inferred by Michael, and the latter is a fact.
  • There is definitely potential for craziness within the Jim / Pam / Dwight / Angela quadrangle.
  • Regarding Jim's question at Hooters, I was a little confused by it as well. Like you, I had assumed that he was referring to what Michael looked for in a woman in general. Seeing how Jim isn't actually pursuing Pam, or so he would like us to think, I guess it's also possible to read it literally as Jim asking Michael what he liked about Pam. Either way, I don't think he was prepared for the bluntness of the response.
  • Interesting theory about Oscar's favor to Dwight. I like it.
31Posted by James on January 23, 2006

What I think is important to note about Jim and Michael’s heart-to-heart on the Booze Cruise is that after Jim digresses into listing Pam’s good qualities, Michael advises, “Well, if you LIKE her so much, don’t give up.” He uses the present tense! Michael seems to project his feelings onto others, never taking the time to try to determine why someone would think differently than him, or feel things more deeply than he would. After hearing Jim sound very lovesick, I don’t think it would enter Michael’s thought process to try to determine the unique properties of Jim’s feelings. He simply thinks “This guy’s in love.” Anyway, just my two cents on why Jim’s “in the past” defence mechanism seems to shoot right over Michael’s head.

32Posted by Kars on January 23, 2006

Michael is every transcriber’s worst nightmare.

First of all, let me congratulate you on a fantastic site. Secondly, check to see if your video capture card has the capability of capturing the closed captioning into a text file. Then create a macro to take it out of all caps. This helps a lot (I do this for a living).

I absolutely loved Dwight and Angela's moment. The tiny smiles on both their faces... wow.

33Posted by flotsette on January 24, 2006

New to this site...sorry if this is too long.

Honestly, it doesnt get any better that two points in this ep:

1. When Jim asks Michael "What about you?" and he says "Her Boobs, definitely"----- The look and the way Jim delivers "Wow.... that is not what i meant", that was just beyond ridiculously funny. Theres just something so hilarious about how he delivers that sentence---it gets me rolling on the floor every time.

2. Another Jim facial expression moment: When he's talking to Kevin, Pam walks by and Kevin says "Niiiiiicccceee" & "She is SOOOOO hot". That expression on Jim's face had me rolling on the floor.

I'm sure its been said before, but Jenna Fischer is quite simply the cutest woman on TV right now, bar none. Especially in the scene when she lets her hair down. Too bad she's married. :-(

34Posted by Pat D. on January 24, 2006

Re: Jim/Pam Index

You analzyed all the Jim/Pam interaction in this episode to perfection. Excellent Job!!!!

One thing of note worth mentioning:

Jim : It was like three years ago, so… I am totally over it.
Pam : Cool.
Jim : Ok.

After Jim says "OK" there is a quick glimpse of Pam exiting the lunchroom. If you look carefully you'll notice a subtle change in her facial expression from the time she says "cool" to the time she leaves the lunchroom. It's brief, yet it reveals that Pam is a bit disappointed that Jim has "shut the door" on his crush. I think it's been said before - Pam/Jenna is brilliant in revealing subtleties to the camera.

35Posted by Blake on January 24, 2006

does anyone else think that angela might be pregnant?

just throwing that out there. it's mainly based on the way that she acted during the christmas episode, but lately she's seemed kind of different. i can't quite place it. i really liked her moment with dwight this episode, and her brusque dismissal of phyllis.

i was watching "the alliance" and when angela says "green is whorish," phyllis is wearing a green sweater.

i can't wait for the episode this week.

36Posted by jake on January 24, 2006

Oh my God. I literally bursted out laughing when I got the updog joke. It took me about a minute to register the joke. XD

The Dwight-Angela stare just said EVERYTHING.

continues watching the show.

37Posted by Lioncourt82 on June 6, 2006

Anyone have any info on what Michael says at the end of the episode. Its f@#$king hilarious. He says that he was watching Cinemax Saturday night and then I can't remember what else he said other than he did not want to end up like shyla.. I nearly crapped my pants.

38Posted by Eric Tyrer on August 27, 2006

I realize this episode is ages ago and we are all anxiously awaiting the new season but i just had a thought about what Jim's question 'what about you?' could refer to. Right before that Michael says 'Never gets any of my jokes.' THat is when Jim asks the question. Maybe he's wondering if Michael gets any of his own jokes. Just a thought.

39Posted by Wanda on September 18, 2006