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Monday20 February 2006

That’s right, folks: The Watercooler is now open for business. Several of you saw right through my attempt at a surprise, but hopefully that won’t stop you from checking it out. As far as discussion forums go, The Watercooler deviates a bit from standard convention. I wanted something consistent with the design aesthetic of Northern Attack: clean, simple, and lightweight, with a purposeful absence of banners competing for your attention. I can only hope that it meets your expectations. I offer my thanks to the hard-working people at Lussumo for making this possible with their wonderful software.

Before you continue, I ask that you take a few minutes to read the following guidelines concerning the forums.

  • Don’t create discussion topics haphazardly.

    This is particularly important. Before you create a new discussion topic, please check to see if the topic already exists. I have created threads for each of the episodes and characters, as well as topics for the more popular types of discussions (media happenings, trivia games, quotes, plugging other Office sites, etc). Chances are a thread already exists for the topic you wish to discuss.

  • Markdown is your friend.

    Markdown allows you to write and format text naturally without using HTML. It requires no action on your part to turn on (it’s enabled by default when you create your account) and is strongly recommended as the format of choice when posting comments.

  • Posting in the blog versus posting in the forums

    This one is really up to you, though I suggest that you post your comments in the blog if they are in response to the content of my blog entry (i.e., you would like to respond to something I wrote in one of my recaps).

Enough jabbering from me. Go forth and discuss!

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Excellent James! Job well done! I love the thread titles, I'll be the first to leave one!

1Posted by Sandy on February 20, 2006

awesome work, james :)!

2Posted by Patrick on February 20, 2006

You are the Man!!! Your site gets better and better and better...

You are now promoted to Assisted Regional Manager.

Don't tell anyone tho...


3Posted by Todd Packer on February 20, 2006

This site gets more awesome every day. Thanks for all your hard work!

4Posted by tad gupty on February 20, 2006

Happy-happy joy-joy!

For he's a jolly good fellow...Come on, everybody!

5Posted by Nikki on February 20, 2006

Consider my socks rocked off.

Thanks for making the best site even better, James.

6Posted by Jamie on February 21, 2006

Why didn't I find your site BEFORE I went and spent money on a domain name for a site nobody visits because yours is so much better? LOL

7Posted by Kristi on February 21, 2006

Nice job on the forums. I was one of the people who suspected a forum was on the way. When I saw the the title of this post, I immediately thought of how Vanilla would fit the look and feel of this site. Much to my delight, the Watercooler is powered by Vanilla!

8Posted by Brian on February 21, 2006

wonder wonder wonderous!

9Posted by Joe on February 21, 2006

joining ASAP!

10Posted by Jay K. Cagatay on February 24, 2006