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Monday24 September 2007

Well, everyone, it’s that time of year again. Another great season ahead of us, and again I find myself buried underneath a Gigantic Pile of Commitment, unable to resume my recapping duties. Sorry to disappoint, folks. My effort here has been supremely unimpressive over the past year and for that I apologize.

Jamie, guest recapper extraordinaire, has indicated that she’s busy as well and will be unable to continue her fine work from last year. If any of you would like to follow in her footsteps and carry the torch in my absence, let me know. I can’t offer much in the way of compensation, but I can offer a captive audience. Otherwise, I encourage you to get your Office fill with the fine folks at the forums and rest the of the stalwarts.

To everyone who sent me kind words over the summer: thank you for the continued support. Your gratitude is much appreciated.

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Although I'm disappointed, James, I've seen that Pile, I know that Pile, and saying no to adding to the Pile is wise. I only hope that somewhere in your Pile you have the opportunity to amuse others with witticisms, because if not, the world is a sadder place than it should be. Pop in now and then,'k?

1Posted by garbagethrower on September 25, 2007

It's a shame that you're too busy for your hobby, James. But I am glad that when you had the idea to start an Office fan site, you did. It's a great place to be, in my opinion. (Despite the fact that several of us at the Watercooler are skeevy pervs.)

2Posted by Toosie 2C on September 25, 2007

Choose Pat D. to do the recaps, and you will get:

1. fourth grade grammar
2. second rate toilet humor
2. Mr. Creed Bratton as superstar every week!
3. Mr. Creed Bratton as supporting nod every week!

Let the votes pour in!

3Posted by (Not) Pat D. on September 26, 2007

Oh yeah, and duplicate numbers in lists.

4Posted by (Not) Pat D. on September 26, 2007

So sad James! And I only came to find NA late into last season! This is a great site and I hope that someone will step up to the plate that has as much wit and insight as you and Jamie have had. And of course, someone who is as crazy about the show as we are! Good luck to you.

5Posted by Tami on September 26, 2007

Hey James, I just sent you an email volunteering my services. Just thought I'd let you know. I have experience writing for deadline and time on my hands, so those are my qualifications.

6Posted by DwightfromtheFuture on September 26, 2007