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Wednesday1 February 2006

For Hannah and the rest of you who are having technical difficulties, I’ve transcribed the cast video answers to questions submitted by the fans through the official site last week. To those of you who were lucky enough to have your question selected, I apologize if I misspelled your name in the transcript. Enjoy.

  • Cast members reveal how they’d like their characters to develop.

    Jenna : Hey, Nolan, this is a really exciting question: what would happen to Pam if I got to write my own episode? Well, I would like to see Pam take some initiative. I would like to see her get a little bit of courage and realize that Roy is not the man for her and make a change. And if that ends up leading her towards Jim, that would be Pam’s wildest dream come true, but I would also like to see Pam be a little bit more ambitious with her career. I’d like her to do something in the area of art, and that’s what would happen in my episode: Pam would ditch Roy and get a job as a graphic designer. And then, in two years, marry Jim.

    B.J. : Well, I’m lucky enough that I have gotten to write some episodes for the show. I often leave my character out of it because I’m picturing all the other characters because where I sit on the set, I see everyone else; I don’t see myself, and so I watch everyone else. If I were to write something for Ryan, I would love to see Ryan sort of relax in the office and accept it in a very Zen-like way and actually try to have fun with it. See who he’s friends with, who he’s enemies with and actually get a little into office life. I think that would be interesting and fun. I don’t know if it’s the best thing for the temp to do as a character, but I would love to try to figure out what it would be like.

    John : Nolan, awesome question, wow. I think if I were writing my own episode for Jim, I think I’d want to see him outside the office. I think I’d want to see him either going on a sales call in another city and getting snowed in or something like that and having him have to react to the outside world and maybe kind of have some fun on his own. I think Jim is a really strong character. I think he’s a really loving character, but he’s got a lot of other dimensions to him, and the whole Pam thing definitely takes top priority while he’s in the office, but when he’s outside of the office, I imagine him having a really good time with friends and things like that, so, I dunno, maybe like a road trip, or something like that, and, I dunno, get to hang out with him as a guy’s guy.

    Rainn : Nolan, excellent question. If I could write an episode, what would happen with Dwight? Well, I think that I would love to have Dwight win a contest on Rock 107 and win a trip to visit the set of Battlestar Galactica where he meets his dream girl, Starbuck, played by Katee Sackhoff, and he maybe starts to stalk her, maybe too much, and gets thrown off the set, and they shoot in Vancouver, so I end up in like a Canadian jail with a hobo named Ronnie, and, Angela has to come and bail me out in Canadian dollars and then we ride the rails back to Scranton and learn a lot about ourselves. Something like that might be good.

  • Is Rainn Wilson like Dwight in real life? Rainn fills you in.

    Rainn : Thanks, Nate, what a great question: how do I get prepared for the role of Dwight, and am I like Dwight? I’m a lot like Dwight: I am pompous, self-important, weird, creepy, and megalomaniacal. So, I think Dwight and I are a lot alike. And annoying. Thank you, John. How do I get prepared? I just try to be myself as much as possible. Thanks for writing, Nate.

  • Will Jim and Pam get together? Jenna Fischer responds.

    Jenna : Hey, Schuler, thanks for your question: will Jim and Pam ever get together? I don’t know. I sure hope so. I’m rooting for Jim and Pam to get together just like everyone else. I don’t know the story that the writers have in store for us any more than the viewers at home, but I can tell you that I’m rooting for it, and whenever I get the writers aside, I do put in my two cents. I hope that Jim and Pam live happily ever after. We’ll just have to see.

  • John Krasinski reveals his favorite episode.

    John : Kristi, great question: what is my favorite episode and what was the most fun to shoot so far? I think I’d have to say my favorite episode to shoot was the Booze Cruise. We shot really late at night on the boat, and so when you’re around a lot of funny people, getting to the wee hours of the morning, people get funnier and a little punchier, so that was really fun. And especially for my character, it was an incredible episode and to be able to shoot those scenes with Jenna and Steve was a real honor, so I had a great, great time.

  • If Ryan could spend his life with one character, who would it be?

    B.J. : So the question, and Rainn’s weighing in, Brandon, that you asked is if Ryan had to spend the rest of his life with one character in the office, who would it be?
    Rainn : Say Dwight.
    B.J. : I think I’ll have to say Dwight. Um, he’s, uh, very–
    Rainn : Tell them why.
    B.J. : He’s a great looking and–and charming, um, funny…
    Rainn : How’s his breath?
    B.J. : … sweet-smelling man, and, um, I think Dwight. Thanks for the question.

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Thank you SO much for doing this! I have a mac and couldn't get them to play. I really appreicate all the had work you put into this site -- it is definitely one of my favorites! Thanks again! :)

1Posted by Teala on February 3, 2006

Thanks for the transcript- you saved me the time to type out the question that Jim answered of mine (PS, you spelled my name right). God, I've never been such a geek about a show, but I don't care. At least I feel like I'm an intelligent geek for obsessing over such a well written, well acted show.

2Posted by Kristi on February 3, 2006

Wow! That is so cool that your question was one of the ones they answered! How cool is that?! Congrats!

3Posted by Teala on February 3, 2006

Hey thanks a lot for the transcripts. A lot of us still have dial-up... Yikes.

4Posted by Marc on February 3, 2006

Just a quick note, under the "Is Rainn Wilson like Dwight in real life?" heading, Rainn is spelt incorrrectly :)

5Posted by Marc on February 3, 2006

It's a little sad that all the NBC video is completely Mac-impossible. Especially as a lot of us got into the Office via iTunes. Does anyone know of a way to get the NBC stuff to play on a Mac without undue contortion?

6Posted by Katie on February 4, 2006

Thanks everyone. Being a Mac user myself, I can understand what you folks are going through. I've got a PC as well, but it's still a drag not being able to watch the videos on my primary computer. I still haven't figured out a way around this limitation of the NBC site, but I'll let you all know if I come across anything.

7Posted by James on February 5, 2006