For those of you looking to revisit last week’s remarkable season finale, Office fan Jamie offers this quartet of magnificent wallpapers.

Office Wallpapers

There is some impressive technique on display here. My favorite would have to be the one featuring Dwight and the slap-happy Angela. Kudos to Jamie for putting her considerable talents to work in producing these artful desktops.

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Stupendous Office Loot

Wednesday10 May 200610 Comments

Congratulations to Lori for coming out on top during the recent NBC / Universal All-Star Charity Auction. Lori was kind enough pass along this shot of her winnings, which, might I add, are stupendously awesome.

Stupendous Office Loot

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Display it proudly.

Lori has been a strong supporter of the show and of Northern Attack since it first launched. I consider her to be something of a charter member here at NA, and I can think of no other person more deserving of receiving these wonderful items. I’m glad they ended up in her hands.

As a final note, Lori would like to thank Jennie over at OfficeTally for posting a reminder of the auction on her constantly updated, always dependable calendar of upcoming events.

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Entertainment Weekly

Friday17 February 200621 Comments

Fans of The Office would be well-advised to make haste to the nearest newsstand where the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly awaits. Inside, you’ll find smoking new pictures of the cast dressed to kill. Literally. Tread carefully, guys, lest ye be blinded by the supreme hotness that is Pam-in-Black. I’ve scanned the pictures from the article for those of you who would like a sneak preview of what to expect.

Entertainment Weekly

Brand new pictures aside, the article is also a solid read and includes a nice featurette spotlighting the supporting cast members.

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Flönkkerton : A How-To Guide

Thursday22 December 20055 Comments

This brilliant piece of work comes to us courtesy of Nikki and is sure to be an indispensable aid for employees looking to light their own inaugural Office Olympics torches. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Flönkkerton is the national sport of Icelandic paper companies. In English, it’s known as Box-of-Paper-Snowshoe-Racing.


And there we have it. Go get your Flönk on.

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People Magazine

Sunday20 November 200510 Comments

There aren’t many things in this world that could possess me to walk through a checkout line holding a magazine with the words “Sexiest Man Alive” plastered across the front cover. Fortunately, for the fairer half of you, this show just happens to be one of them.

People Magazine

So, how about Steve’s shirt? You know you’ve hit the big time when you can pull off a look like that.

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Stuff Magazine

Friday11 November 20059 Comments

For those of you who haven’t heard, the latest issue of Stuff magazine (December 2005, Mila Kunis shown on the cover) contains a nice photo shoot featuring the cast of The Office dressed in some very swanky apparel. Check out the following scans, and then head out and pick up your own copy to add to your collection of Office-related paraphernalia.

Stuff Magazine

So, how do you spell Pam’s last name? That’s the second time I’ve seen it spelled as “Beesly”, although Jenna spells it as “Beesley” on her blog. I’m inclined to go with Jenna on this one because, well, she probably knows what she’s talking about. All in all, a nice opportunity to see the gang strut their stuff.

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