The Office is Closed
Let’s get these folks back to doing what they do best.
The Top 15 Moments of Season Three
Brought to you by Zach from
The Music of Dunder Mifflin
A comprehensive guide to the music featured in The Office.
Unofficial Office Scripts and Reviews
Features the impressive work of two gentlemen by the names of Tom McKenna and Chris Insana. Office fans would be remiss not to check out the scripts in which their talent is particularly evident.
The Office Convention in October
To be held in Scranton, PA from October 26th though the 28th. Thanks to KP at The Two Cents for the update.
I Prefer the American Version of The Office
By Mhairi McFarlane of The Guardian Unlimited from across the pond.
Fan-made Office Spin-off
Jeff invites you all to check out his Office spin-off. Look for new webisodes every Monday.
Get well soon, Jenna!
Whitney Matheson at USA TODAY reports that our favorite receptionist took a spill down some stairs on Monday. Thankfully, a full recovery is expected.
The temporary home of OfficeTally while Jennie sorts through her technical difficulties.
Man from Dunder
Check out this Dunder-Mifflin-themed parody of “Down Under” by Men at Work, courtesy of Luke.
NBC Likely to Supersize Its Office Order
The show is likely to expand to an hourlong format next season according to Kristin at E! Online. UPDATE: Or not quite.
The Office Returns to Scranton
The Two Cents has the full scoop on the May 19th convention.
Interview with Jenna Fischer in Women’s Health
Scheduled to hit newsstands on April 24.
Inside Scoop on Northern Attack
Brian (of Watercooler fame) was kind enough to interview me. Juicy details abound. Be sure to check out the earlier installments in his series.
Every line of dialogue uttered in every episode of The Office. Amazing. I wish I had known about this place earlier.
Interview with Melora Hardin at The Two Cents
The Two Cents cuts to the heart of the matter with five revealing questions.
Interview with Rainn Wilson for The Last Mimzy
ReelzChannel sat down with Rainn Wilson to discuss his latest movie (and Dwight Schrute). Thanks, Heather.
OfficeTally and GMMR Visit the Set
Your fine hosts at OfficeTally and Give Me My Remote are visiting the set of The Office. As someone who’s known Jennie and Kathie since the beginning of their Office days, I can honestly say that no one is more deserving of the honor. Congratulations, ladies.
Golden Globe Nominations
We’ve got nominations for Best Television Series (Comedy or Musical) and Best Actor (Comedy or Musical). Magnifico!
The Dundies
Recaps of each episode in an award show format. Dundies for everyone!
The Scranton Branch
Who better to comment on the show than a native Scrantonian? Head on over and say hello to Dave.
The Shins with John Krasinski
John teams up with the indie icons in this month’s issue of Filter (on sale November 24). Thanks, Samantha.
Jenna Fischer on The Late Show
With Kiefer Sutherland to boot! Tune in this Thursday (November 9) because Jack Bauer says so.
Living in the Armpit
A Scrantonite’s perspective, courtesy of Chris Hine from The Notre Dame Observer.
Writing The Office
Tune in for an interview with Mindy Kaling and Greg Daniels courtesy of Fresh Air from WHYY. Thanks to Emily for the tip.
All Sorts of Office
OfficeTally has the full scoop on a number of extended episodes that will be airing over the next couple months as well some exciting reports of Harold Ramis and J.J. Abrams helming a couple upcoming episodes.
Certain to become your one-stop shop for Office fan videos, courtesy of Becca, editor extraordinaire.
Jenna Fischer Finally Gets Her Moment
Presented by Jessica Shaw of Entertainment Weekly. Thanks for the heads up, zinie.
Netscape on the Set of The Office
Netscape Anchor Ryan Budke is on the set of The Office. Be sure to watch to the very end.
Dwight Space
Chris has assembled a shrine to the incomparable Dwight K. Schrute.
John Krasinski on Conan
John pays The Conan another visit on Late Night with Conan O’Brien (September 21).
John and Jenna on The Today Show
Catch John and Jenna bright and early on The Today Show (September 21).
Angela’s Office Prop Giveaway
Don’t miss out on your opportunity to pick up some nice Office swag hand-picked by Angela.
Season Three Promo Pictures
Featuring the gang and a whole lotta paper (courtesy of peopleareshapes at the Office LiveJournal community).
Introducing Pam Pong
Everyone welcome the new kid on the block: Pam Pong, your source for everything Jim and Pam.
Support David Denman
David Denman is running a triathlon. That’s a half-mile swim, followed by an 18-mile bicycle ride, ending with a four-mile run. If that’s not reason enough to pitch in to a good cause, I don’t know what is.
Office Promo Winners Announced
Congratulations to Elliot Diviney, Chris Mundell, and Tony Alfieri for their well-deserved victories.
New Recruits
Ed Helms from The Daily Show has signed on for ten episodes for the upcoming season. Rashida Jones (Boston Public) and Chip Esten (Whose Line is it Anyway?) join him. Thanks to Rob for the tip.
Season Three Premieres Sept 21
Season Three is set to premiere on Thursday, September 21 in its new timeslot (8:30-9 PM ET).
Season Two DVD Screen Shots
The folks at DVDActive have released a bevy of screenshots from the upcoming Season Two DVD boxed set. You may want to avoid the last couple screenshots if you’re sensitive to spoilers; they reveal the names of all ten webisodes.
The British are Coming
According to TV Squad, we can expect to see Mackenzie Crook, Martin Freeman, and Lucy Davis, also known as Gareth (Dwight), Tim (Jim), and Dawn (Pam).
Angela Kinsey at Hobo Radio
Listen in on a five minute collection of highlights from HoboTrashcan’s terrific interview with Angela Kinsey earlier this year.
Emmy Nominations
The Office picks up five nominations including a couple headliners in Best Comedy Series and Actor in a Comedy (Steve Carell). Michael Schur, Dean Holland, and David Rogers nab comedy writing and picture editing nominations as well. The Emmys are scheduled to air Sunday, August 27 on NBC.
Create Your Own Promo Contest
The winners will air on NBC during The Office this summer. Don’t just do it for yourself; do it for Promo Guy.
Season Two DVD Scoop
Angela revealed some exciting details about the upcoming Season Two DVDs in her most recent MySpace blog entry, including some talk of a four-disc boxed set. Radical!
David Denman Chats with GMMR
Nicely done, GMMR. Be sure to check out parts one and two of this exclusive interview with the man behind the man.
Live Chat with John Krasinski
The ever-industrious tanster over at OfficeTally has posted a transcript of the recent online chat with John Krasinski at the GoldDerby forums.
E! Online 2006 Tater Top Awards
I’d post the details here, but GMMR has already done a pretty good job of summing up the nominations, eleven of which went to your current favorite show of all time. Check out the winners.
Dinkin’ Flicka
T-shirts, caps, mugs, buttons, magnets, and bumper stickers to help with your interracial conversations.
Webisodes Set to Premiere in July
July 13th to be exact, according to the sidebar on the official web site. I’m looking forward to unraveling the mystery with the gang.
Even More Office Loot
Jennie at OfficeTally scored some great swag from Jenna. Head on over and took a gander.
The Watercooler Mix
The folks over at the forums have created an excellent soundtrack to accompany this fine show. Thanks to Michelle M. for assembling the iMix. Requires iTunes.
These Walls
Jim/Pam fans will not be disappointed. Stellar editing work by Becca, as usual. Thanks to Zinie for the reminder.
NBC 2006-07 Primetime Schedule
My Name is Earl and The Office move up to 8:00-8:30 PM and 8:30-9:00 PM, respectively.
The Office As A Classic Love Story?
Maureen Ryan from the Chicago Tribune dishes out another fine scoop, this time with John Krasinski.
Men Behind The Office Open Up
Ohio State University’s The Lantern chats with executive producer Greg Daniels and B.J. Novak. Office fan Becca (also the reporter’s sister) was kind enough to provide a full transcript of the interview.
John Krasinski Hails Office Romance
Matt Mitovich from TV Guide’s Insider gives us the lowdown on John Krasinski.
Office Manager Takes on a New Task
Lisa Rosen from the LA Times gives a bit of insight on Steve Carell’s first crack at writing for The Office.
Fans Can Get Office Fix All Over Web
Congratulations to Brian over at LITO for scoring some press time at The Times-Tribune. Thanks to Lori for the heads up.
Interview with Brian Baumgartner at HoboTrashcan
Joel’s on a roll over at HoboTrashcan. Don’t forget to check out his equally excellent interviews with Angela Kinsey and Kate Flannery.
Jenna and Angela at The Joseph Podcast
Congratulations to Joseph and Joseph for landing this pair of exclusive interviews.
5 Questions with B.J. Novak at GMMR
Kathie at Give Me My Remote scored this brief, but thoroughly entertaining Q&A session with B.J. Novak.
Dwight Schrute Bobblehead Available-ish
Only a month before Dwight’s visage haunts offices across the country.
Interview with Kate Flannery at HoboTrashcan
Joel Murphy from HoboTrashcan delivers another scoop, this time with Kate Flannery. Check out his conversation with Angela Kinsey if you missed it earlier.
Battle of the Fake-Mousy Babes
Check out this epic matchup from the folks at Fametracker. Jenna Fischer versus Linda Cardellini — that’s a tough call. Thanks to Alicia for the tip.
Pam’s iTunes Playlist
And finally, we finish things off with Pam’s playlist. Requires iTunes.
Ryan’s iTunes Playlist
Temps can have celebrity playlists, too. Requires iTunes.
April Fool’s Day PSAs
These are fantastic. Beware of doom from the sky!
Interview with Angela on Rock107
Listen in to a chat between John Webster of Rock107 and Angela Kinsey. Thanks to Life in The Office for the heads up.
Puma-fied Office
Check out the April issue of Details (with Vin “Iron Giant” Diesel on the cover) for the full spread. Thanks to justinblog at IMDb for posting the images.
Remaining Season Two Schedule
Angela was kind enough to reveal NBC’s upcoming schedule for the four episodes remaining in Season Two: March 30, April 27, May 4, and the season finale written by Steve Carell on May 11. Bonus!
No Summer Vacation for the Office
I’m a few days late posting this, but it’s still worth a mention. Waruguchi at LiveJournal managed to dig up some additional coverage on the topic at Ars Technica.
A Comedy of Terrors
Read up on real-life office horror stories, courtesy of Amy Joyce from The Washington Post.
B.J. Novak Interview at TWoP
Shame on me for failing to mention this interview when it was posted last week. Check out the 18-page behemoth when you get a chance. Thanks to tanster for initially bringing it to my attention in the forums and to Jake for his reminder.
Interview with Angela at HoboTrashcan
This just in from her most recent MySpace entry: Joel Murphy from HoboTrashcan has posted an interview with Angela Kinsey.
Jim’s iTunes Playlist
Jim chimes in with his own hipsteresque entry. Requires iTunes. Thanks to Lori for the tip.
Office Promotions Pay Off in a Big Way
Check out this sizable article plus interview courtesy of Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune. Of particular interest is the part where she mention that Greg Daniels is pushing for an extended season finale.
Dwight on MySpace
Sweet! Let the friend request bombardment commence.
Early Cast Interview
A very entertaining clip, it looks like it was filmed prior to the series premiere. Goofy office people. Thanks to Jennie and Chip for the heads up.
Entertainment Weekly Extravaganza
Pick up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (with Steve on the cover) at your local newsstand for the mega-scoop, complete with brand new shots of the starting five. Thanks to Nuveena for the heads up.
Dwight’s iTunes Playlist
The companion piece to Michael’s Valentine’s Day playlist. Requires iTunes. Thanks to Nuveena for the tip.
Season Two Extended to May
Looks like the season finale has been bumped back to May 11, with reruns filling up the extended space. That’s six less weeks we have to survive without this show.
The Office (Season Three Promo)
This fantastic video from Daren has been making the rounds lately.
Gervais and Merchant to Pen an Upcoming Episode
No news on whether the Gervais/Merchant creation will arrive this season or the next. Either way, I’m stoked.
Office Olympics at the Chicago Tribune
This excellent feature arrives to you courtesy of Kevin Pang and company at the Chicago Tribune.
Viewer Questions Answered at NBC
Burning questions answered by Rainn, John, Jenna and B.J., and with video, too boot. I’ve transcribed the answers for those of you who are having trouble playing the videos on your computers.
Upcoming Interview with B.J. Novak at GMMR
Everyone’s favorite closet pyro is now taking questions. Get those requests in to KS at Give Me My Remote.
Jenna Fischer Straps on Her Blades
Will Ferrell versus Will Arnett? An epic battle of the Wills, count me in.
Office Tidbits from Ask Ausiello
This week’s Ask Ausiello from TV Guide contains some interesting hints regarding an upcoming episode (minor spoiler alert). Thanks to Jennie for the heads up.
Amy Adams Picks up an Oscar Nomination
Amy Adams, known to Office fans as Katy the purse girl, has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Junebug. Congratulations!
Up the Corporate Ladder
Courtesy of Scott Collins at the Los Angeles Times. Thanks to Jennie and Kenny for the tip.
Interview with the cast at E! Online
Check out this clip from the Television Critics Association shindig this past weekend courtesy of Kristin at E! Online. Thanks to Jamie for the heads up.
The Office Calls in Tech Support
A great article featuring the fantastic supporting cast of this show.
Interview with John and Jenna at GMMR
A fascinating read for any fan of The Office, graciously brought to you by KS at Give Me My Remote. Don’t miss it.
Valentine’s Episode Preview
Oh yeah, this should be good.
The Office Delivering at the iTMS
Sounds like the show is performing wonderfully at the iTMS.
Rainn Wilson at TV Guide
Get the lowdown on the man behind Dwight. Thanks to Jennie for the tip.
Steve Carell Takes Home a Golden Globe
Congratulations to Steve and his award for Best Actor in a Television Series (Musical or Comedy). Check out a video of his acceptance speech at NBC.
Jenna Takes Over for B.J. at TV Guide
The Office blog is back, and it’s Pam-tastic!
New Night, Better Ratings
The Office averages a season-best 4.5 on its new night. Score. News comes by way of Kevin’s latest blog entry. Thanks to Jennie for the heads up.
Steve Carell Makes EW Best of 2005
Pick up the Best of 2005 issue at your local newsstand, or check out the abridged version. Thanks to Marcy for the tip.
The Insider : Jenna Fischer
Looks like five is the magic number, folks.
Steve Carell Nominated for a Golden Globe
Look for him under Best Actor in a Television Comedy or Musical. Best of luck in pulling out the victory.
B.J. Novak Interview with The Boston Globe
Read up on the cosmic coincidences surrounding B.J. and John. Requires free registration to read the full article.
Jenna Fischer Interview with People
Learn all about Jenna and her pig-raising exploits. Check out her most recent blog entry for more details.
The Office Available at the iTMS
Episodes from Season One and Season Two now available at the iTunes Music Store for $1.99 a pop. Requires iTunes. Thanks to Joost and Ellen for pointing this out.
Jenna Fischer Pre-Lighting Interview
Jenna Fischer talks about the show and her role in the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting. Requires Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. Thanks to ebarker for the heads up.
Tree Lighting Ceremony
Check out pictures of Rainn and Jenna from The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony from Wednesday, November 30.
The Office Moves to Thursday
My Name is Earl and The Office are moving to to the 9 PM block on Thursdays, effective January 5.
NBC Expands ‘The Office’ Space
In case anyone needed confirmation of this fantastic news.
Jenna Fischer TV Guide Podcast
This one’s a lot of fun. Make sure you stick around for the entire show. Requires iTunes.
Stuff Magazine Photo Shoot
Pick up the December 2005 issue of Stuff Magazine at your local newsstand for a nice surprise.
NBC May Make More Office Space
Jenna confirmed on her blog that the show has indeed been picked up for a full season. Hooray!
B.J. Novak at TV Guide
Weekly-ish entries from B.J. Novak, aka Ryan the Temp.

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