Northern Attack? What does that mean?
The name comes from one my favorite quotes from the series, during Diversity Day when Michael plays his homemade tape:
Abraham Lincoln once said that, “If you’re a racist, I will attack you with the North.” And those are the principles that I carry with me in the workplace.
That is the work of a brilliant wordsmith.
What is Required Reading?

Entries filed under Required Reading are like stickies on message boards. Every now and then, I’ll come across something that is especially valuable or noteworthy. These items are added to Required Reading and featured prominently at the top of the main page.

Over time, items listed under Required Reading will be bumped down to the Gossip section in order to make room for newer items that deserve your attention.

What does it mean when it says my comment is awaiting moderation?
That means that your comment won’t be displayed to the public until I’ve approved it. You’ll be able to see it, but no one else will. This is usually the result of something triggering the spam filter installed on the blog. Don’t fret, though — I keep pretty close tabs on the moderation queue, and if your comment is legit, rest assured that it will be given its proper respect.
Can you link to my website, iMix, etc. ?
In most cases, the answer will be yes. Drop me a line, and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate your request.
Is there anything I can do to help?
Most definitely, yes. Northern Attack is a one-man operation, and as much as I would like to devote my entire existence to it, I do step outside to experience real life from time to time. I can’t keep on top of everything that happens in the world of The Office, so if you come across something that you think deserves a mention, by all means let me know. Not only will you have my personal gratitude, you will have bought my retinas some precious time away from my computer screens.
What’s the best way to get in touch with you?

I check my e-mail compulsively. I also keep pretty close tabs on my MySpace account if you want to go that route.

On a related note, I’d just like to say that I appreciate every thank you note or compliment that comes my way. E-mails, blog comments, MySpace messages, MySpace comments… not a single one of them passes through my figurative desk without being read. Believe me when I say that reading them is the highlight of my day. Seeing how most of my days are pretty damn awesome to begin with, this is saying a lot.

I try to respond to all of your messages personally, but if I don’t, it’s not because I don’t care, because I do. Tremendously. It’s because life is getting in the way.

Forums aka The Watercooler

Do I post my comments in the blog or in the forum?

This is really up to you, though I suggest that you post your comments in the blog if they are in response to the content of my blog entry (i.e., you would like to respond to something I wrote in one of my recaps).

Anything else I should know before I venture in?

Yes, just be cool. That’s all. And please read the stickies if it’s your first time visiting.

Episode Recaps

When do you post recaps?

Generally, I will post a placeholder recap on Thursday before the new episode airs that evening (9:30 PST, in my case). In most cases, this placeholder will contain nothing more than the episode summary from the official site. Feel free to comment on the placeholder post after you’ve viewed the new episode, even if I haven’t posted the full recap yet.

After I’ve had the opportunity to view the new episode, it takes me several hours to write and assemble the recap. I usually do the bulk of the writing on Friday and Saturday. My goal is to have the full recap available by the end of the weekend, but other factors and commitments can sometimes delay the process — if I expect this to be the case, I will do my best to let you all know.

I don’t see recaps for all of the episodes.
I’m still in the process of writing recaps for the earlier episodes (and improving my earlier, not-so-complete ones). Keep checking the Episodes section to see if the recap you’re looking for has been added. They’ll all be there eventually.
Hey, these aren’t really recaps.
Technically, a recap is a summary, which these are not. Rather than provide you all with plot summaries, which you all can find elsewhere, I extract what I think are the best parts from each episode and provide analysis specifically on those highlights. Now keep in mind, this is a very loose interpretation of that word; indeed, much of what I have to say has no business being called analysis. Sometimes, I’ll actually have a point to make; other times I’ll just be babbling. Either way, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.
Why do the recaps keep changing?
Like any creative endeavor, the episode recaps are constantly evolving. I write better on some days than on others, and if a recap happens to fall in one of my writing funks, you can bet that it’ll be fixed up before long. Plus, you guys are very good at pointing out things that I’ve missed.
All of the major characters have their own section except for Ryan. What gives?
At this point, Ryan isn’t featured prominently enough in the show to warrant his own section. This may change in the future depending on how the show develops and whether or not he outgrows his firestarter phase.
What is the Jim/Pam Index?

The Jim/Pam Index is kind of like the Dow Jones Index, except it measures how close Jim and Pam are to getting together instead of stock market performance. That, and it’s more of a trend than a numerical value. At the conclusion of each episode, I will assign a rating to how that episode affected the Jim/Pam relationship: Down, Even, or Up. It’s all very scientific.

You’ll notice that this section tends to dominate the recaps. As far as plot threads go, this is the big one, and so it lends itself more easily to thoughtful examination. That, and I’m a softie when it comes to this type of thing.

I’m having trouble viewing the episode galleries.
The galleries require a Javascript-enabled browser that supports variable opacity. Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 6 should all fit the bill.


Scrapbook? What’s this?
The scrapbook is here so that I can keep track of the noteworthy events that have occurred throughout Northern Attack’s history. It serves as a reminder of why this place exists and why I have no trouble dedicating the vast amount of time it takes to do this show justice.
Why I Watch The Office
October 31, 2005
If you ever wondered what my inspiration was in creating Northern Attack, this is pretty much it. NA was literally born from this essay.
Holy Cow!
November 14, 2005
About a month and a half after I launched Northern Attack, I sent Jenna a message through MySpace inviting her to check it out whenever she had a bit of time to kill. Little did I know that she had already heard about it! In her reply, she mentioned that the site was making its rounds around the cast and that she and John were big fans of the Jim/Pam Index. I was completely blown away, to say the least. I still am to this day.
Supersize My Office
February 26, 2006
Kathie from Give Me My Remote contacted me one evening shortly after it was reported that Executive Producer Greg Daniels was pushing NBC to let him air an extended Season Two finale. What started as a humble grassroots campaign turned into something far greater than either of us could have imagined. Two and a half months later, we had a supersized Season Two finale, and although we can’t claim credit for influencing the decision, we’re still proud of the effort.
A Possibly Awesome Thing, Part Two
March 31, 2006
This is a day that I will always remember thanks to a wonderful television crew and an unexpected phone call from a little someone named Angela Kinsey. Yeah, you might know her.

About the Site

What browsers does Northern Attack support?

Northern Attack has been tested to work with Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 6. It should function properly in any modern, reasonably standards-compliant browser, though I cannot guarantee that you will be able to experience the full content of the site using anything outside of the three aforementioned browsers.

That said, I strongly recommend using Firefox if you are a Windows user. I don’t believe that everything Microsoft produces deserves to be reviled, but there are several reasons to use an alternative browser. All propaganda aside, I think you’ll be happy you made the switch.

Kudos points if you’re viewing this on a Mac.

How about web standards?
Northern Attack is mostly standards compliant: XHTML Transitional and all that disco, though I had to sneak in some non-validating CSS in order to implement a few special effects.
What do you use to run Northern Attack?
Northern Attack is powered by WordPress. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to set up your own corner on the web and aren’t afraid to get your hands a little dirty.
Where did you get your icons?
The icons employed on Northern Attack are cobbled together from a number of icon sets: Stockholm Mini, Tower Grove CMS and Mini.
Is your WordPress theme publicly available?
Not at the moment. I have no plans to release it for public consumption in the immediate future, though you all will be the first to know if the situation changes.
Nice gallery effects.

Thanks. Credit goes to the smart folks over at moo.fx and to Mr. Dhakar for the fantastic Lightbox 2.0.

About Me

Why do you watch The Office?
I’m glad you asked. There are many reasons.
Wow, you must be really obsessed with the show.
More than you can imagine. I like to think I have some semblance of self-control when it comes to this show… but I don’t.
Can I be your friend?
You most certainly can. Well, you can on MySpace at least.
What do you use to design and create Northern Attack?
Blood, sweat and tears. Occasionally, I resort to using my Dual G5 or 15″ Powerbook. My text editor of choice is BBEdit.
Five albums… go!
Who’s Next (The Who), The Meadowlands (The Wrens), A Series of Sneaks (Spoon), Doolittle (Pixies), and Joshua Tree (U2). Check out what I’ve been listening to lately.

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